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fine-pitch fine-pitch


The LAS Fine-pitch series offers a unit case with 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as light-weight cabinet design and front serviceability for easy installation and maintenance.



LAS012DB2-F (1.26 mm) LAS014DB2-F (1.45 mm) LAS015DB2-F (1.58 mm) LAS018DB2-F (1.89 mm) LAS025DB2-F (H 2.52 / V 2.50 mm)
  • Light-weight & Slim Design_img
    Light-weight & Slim Design
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio Unit Case_img
    16:9 Aspect Ratio Unit Case
  • Front Serviceability_img
    Front Serviceability
  • Dual Signal In-put_img
    Dual Signal In-put

Tech Spec

  • Model spec
    Model Name LAS012DB2-F LAS014DB2-F LAS015DB2-F LAS018DB2-F LAS025DB2-F
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