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Key Features
  • Real Deep Black
  • Accurate Colors
  • Cable-less Design
Vertical Showroom
LSAB Series The LG MICRO LED LSAB series delivers immersive and true-to-life visuals that make every viewing experience memorable. Bring your imagination into life through ultra-fine details visualized by a colorful mosaic of MICRO LED chips.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 0.93 / 1.25 mm
  • ● Real Deep Black
  • ● Accurate Colors & Clear Visibility
  • ● Wide Viewing Angle
  • ● Wireless Data Transfer and Cable-less Power Docking
  • ● AI-powered Image Processor
Key Features
  • Cable-less Design
  • Optimized Picture Quality
  • Fit for Enterprise Usage
  • Suitability for Up-close Use
Vertical Showroom1 Vertical Showroom2
Optimum Cable-less LED Signage
LSAA Series The LSAA series is the innovative LED signage applying the wireless transmission technology. For resolutions up to 16:9 UHD, it does not require a cable connection between the cabinets to supply signal & power. Its block assembly design makes the installation of the LSAA series easier than ever before.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 0.93 / 1.25 mm
  • ● Brightness : 600 cd/m²
  • ● Wireless Data Transfer and Cable-less Power Docking
  • ● AI-powered Image Processor
  • ● Real-time 365 Care Service
Key Features
  • Space Fitting Design
  • 1,000nits Brightness & Flexible Power Management
  • Ease of Handling
Real-Curve LED Signage
LAPE Series Boasting detailed colors and superior contrast, LG’s LAPE series brings content to life through freedom of design, giving it outstanding presence as a work of media art.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 1.50 / 2.00 / 2.50 mm
  • ● Brightness : 1,000 cd/m²
  • ● Modular Design
  • ● Curvature(Concave/convex) : Up to 1,000R
  • ● High Performance System Controller
  • ● Front and Rear Serviceability
Key Features
  • All-in-one LED
  • Large Screen with No Bezel
  • A State-of-the-Art design
  • Compatibility for Corporate Use
Vertical Showroom
130" All-in-One LED Screen
LAA015F The LG 130" All-in-One LED Screen features a large bezel-less 130-inch screen. With superb picture quality powered by HDR and immersive Surface Sound, the attendees can get more focused and deeply engaged for more productive meetings.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 1.50 mm
  • ● Screen Size : 130"
  • ● Brightness : 500 cd/m²
  • ● HDR (HDR10/HDR10 Pro) / Surface Sound
  • ● Embedded System Controller

LAEB Series 136" All-in-One LED Screen LG’s LAEB series is a 136-inch large screen which is offered as an All-in-one package. Eliminating the prejudice that it is difficult and complex to install LED displays, the LAEB series does not require separate controller connections or setups. After a simple installation, all you need to do is just turn on the screen using a remote controller like home TVs.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 1.56 mm
  • ● Screen Size : 136"
  • ● Brightness : 500 cd/m²
  • ● Easy Installation & Quick Maintenance
  • ● Embedded System Controller
Vertical Showroom
LED Cinema
LADF The infinite contrast created by the individual LEDs that make up LG LED Cinema adds deep darkness to the content. By bringing fine details perfectly to the screen, it provides viewers with an amazing sense of immersion that has never experienced before.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 3.33 mm
  • ● Screen Ratio : 4,096 x 2,160 (DCI-compliant)
  • ● Brightness : 48 cd/m² (DCI-compliant / Minimum)
  • ● Contrast Ratio : 4,000 : 1 (Minimum)
  • ● Compatibility with Dolby Media Server (IMS3000) & Dolby Atmos
Key Features
  • Superb Transparency
  • Expandability
  • Fitting in with Flats and Curves
  • webOS Smart Platform
Transparent LED Film
LAT Series The LG Color Transparent LED Film is a new level of innovation with a see-through view. Its superb transparency endows the glass surface or window to which it is attached with a mystical beauty full of vivid color.

Key Feature
  • ● Pixel Pitch : 14 / 24 mm
  • ● LED Type : R,G,B 3in1 SMD / R,G,B 3in1 Color Package
  • ● Transmittance : 53% (LAT140) / 73% (LAT240)
  • ● Curvature (concave and convex) : 1,100R
  • ● Self-adhesive Film

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