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LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 1
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 2
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 3
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 4
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 5
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 6
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 7
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 8
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 9
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 10
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 11
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 12
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 13
LG Hotel TV 65WU960H (NA) 14

65WU960H (NA)

WU960H Series

North America  Share

Key Feature

  • Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution
  • Perfect Black, Intense Color
  • 4K Cinema HDR (Dolby Vision™, HDR 10)
  • Cinematic Sound (Dolby Atmos®)
  • Picture-on-Glass, the Artistic Esthetics
  • OLED Gallery Mode
OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV

OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV

The world’s best-selling OLED brand, LG OLED TV, embraces cutting edge Hospitality management technology -LG Pro:Centric SMART. It delivers greater usability and convenience for seamless exploration of TV content, and also provides great solutions for hotel management.
A Seamless blend with your space

A Seamless blend with your space

LG OLED TV adds an extra touch of style to your living space. It harmonized naturally with their surroundings and elevates your home design to the next level. You can experience a work of art in Hotel room.
Perfect Black. Intense Color

World’s Number 1 OLED

Perfect Black. Intense Color

LG OLED TV provides richness in all colors, boasts aesthetic touch of nature, and reveals life. Equipped with over 8 million of self-lightning pixels operating individually, the product completes the Perfect Black.
4K Cinema HDR

World’s Number 1 OLED

4K Cinema HDR

LG 4K Cinema HDR offers the filmmaker’s vision through usage of HDR formats. Now, a unique cinematic experience is available at hotel room with Dolby Vision™ and HDR 10.
Cinematic Sound for Your Home

World’s Number 1 OLED

Cinematic Sound for Your Home

Dolby Atmos creates a dynamic and surround sound experiences although even when space is limited, facilitating the discernment of every details of the movement in a scene. With Dolby Vision™, the product provides a truly unique cinematic experience.
Picture-on-Glass, the Artistic Esthetics

World’s Number 1 OLED

Picture-on-Glass, the Artistic Esthetics

Furnished with sleek wall-paper design, the product takes its artistic aspect to the next level. As the need for distinct elements like bezel or a thick stand has been eliminated, the refined but aesthetically stifled design intensifies the viewing experience.
OLED Gallery Mode

World’s Number 1 OLED

OLED Gallery Mode

Bring the wonders of the world to your Hotel space with OLED Gallery Mode. From photography of beautiful places to world-renowned artwork, Gallery Mode provides a great selection of beautiful images and videos. Stunning contents creates a perfect atmosphere that suits your visitor's mood.
Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution

Pro:Centric Smart Application Platform

Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution

Pro:Centric SMART is optimized for customizing hospitality services for hotel brands and guests through an IP & RF infrastructure. With its high picture quality, sophisticated design and advanced connectivity functions, it upscales in-room entertainment and increases convenience through implementation of high-end technology.
Pro:Centric Server Application

Pro:Centric Smart Application Platform

Pro:Centric Server Application

You can now differentiate your hotel with our customizable templates and pages which can be specialized for your property. Pro:Centric provides you a solution that is easily customizable for your business.
Pro:Centric Direct Solution

Pro:Centric Smart Application Platform

Pro:Centric Direct Solution

Pro:Centric Direct is a hotel content management system that supports simple editing tools and provides various solutions such as 1-click service and IP-network-based remote management. With the solution, users enable to design UI easily and provide customized service while managing TV efficiently.

Tech Spec

  • Panel

    Panel spec
    Backlight Type OLED (Wallpaper)
    Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD)
    Screen Size 65"
    Brightness (cd/m²) 500
  • Video

    Video spec
    XD Engine
    Aspect Ratio • 5 modes (16:9, Original, 4:3, Vertical Zoom, All-Direction Zoom)
    HDR 10 / HDR Dolby Vision • / •
  • Audio

    Audio spec
    Audio Output • 60W
    (Woofer : 10W + 10W, Front : 10W + 10W, Height(Tweeter) : 10W + 10W)
    Speaker System 4.2 ch
    Sound Mode • 6 Modes (Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice Ⅲ, Sports, Music, Game)
    Clear Voice • (Clear VoiceⅢ)
  • Broadcasting System

    Broadcasting System spec
    Analog • (NTSC)
    Digital • (ATSC)
  • Hospitality Solution

    Hospitality Solution spec
    Solution Type Pro:Centric (Smart, Direct, V)
    Data Streaming (IP & RF)
    RF (1/2Tuner) • (1 Tuner)
    HCAP (GEM/FLASH/HTML)<br>※ Service Carousel (TLL/XML) GEM / Flash / HTML5
    Pro:Centric Application (version) PCA 3.8
    DRM Pro:Idiom
  • Function

    Function spec
    Function EzManager, USB Cloning, Wake on RF, WOL, SNMP, Diagnostics, SI Compatible, HTNG-CEC (1.4), HDMI-CEC (1.4), IR Out, Multi IR Code, Auto Off / Sleep Timer, Smart Energy Saving, Motion Eye Care, BEACON
  • Feature

    Feature spec
    Hospitality Hotel Mode / PDM / Installer Menu, Welcome Screen, Insert Image, Logical Channel Map, External Speaker Out, Instant ON, VLAN ID, RJP Interface, RJP Compatibility, Clock (World Clock / Alarm), 360 Viewer
    Maintenance webOS 4.0, Commercial Smart Home, Gallery Mode, DeepThinQ, Voice Recognition, Web Browser, Pre-loaded App, SDP Server Compatibility, Magic Remote Compatibility, Soft AP, Wi-Fi (Built-in type), Screen Share (Miracast), Smart Share (DLNA), DIAL, Bluetooth Audio Playback, LG Sound Sync/bluetooth, Mobile Connection Overlay, Music Player
  • Jack Interface

    Jack Interface spec
    Set Side -
    Set Rear RF In, Digital Audio Out (Optical), HDMI/HDCP Input 2.0 (2), USB 2.0 (2), RS-232C (Control), RJ45, External Speaker Out, MPI Port, Debug (Phone Jack Type)
  • Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Dimension (Unit: mm) spec
    Vesa Non (Wallpaper)
    W x H x D / weight (Packing) 1,641 x 952 x 288 / 32.1kg
    W x H x D / weight (TV only) (Head) 1,446 x 823 x 3.85 / 6.7kg
    W x H x D / weight<br>(Including AIO box) (Head) 1,446 x 823 x 3.85 (AIO BOX) 1,260 x 78 x 198
    / (Head, AIO Box) 6.7kg, 10.0kg
  • Power (Unit : Watts)

    Power (Unit : Watts) spec
    Voltage, Hz 120V, 50/60 Hz
    Typical 507
    Stand-by 0.5 ↓
  • General

    General spec
    Region North America

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