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LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 1
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 2
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 3
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 4
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 5
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 6
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 7
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 8
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 9
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 10
LG Smart TV Signage 55UT640S (EU) 11

55UT640S (EU)

UT640S Series

Europe  Share

Key Feature

  • Content Management/Group Management
  • SuperSign Control
  • SNMP
  • Wake-up On Lan
  • Crestron Connected® (Network Based Control)
UHD Commercial TV with Essential Smart Function UHD Commercial TV with Essential Smart Function

UHD Commercial TV with Essential Smart Function

The UT640S Series is specifically designed for diverse business environments. By providing compatibility with AV Control systems and DPM (Display Power Management) as well as its smart connectivity, simple user friendly interface, and UHD picture quality.
Embedded Content & Group Management


Embedded Content & Group Management

The embedded Content and Group Management System allows you to edit and play content, schedule playlists and groups, and control Signage via remote control, mouse and mobile phone without the use of separate PC or software. This makes content management much easier and more user-friendly.
SuperSign Control


SuperSign Control

SuperSign Control is the basic control software, and it can manage up to 100 displays through a single account and server. Power, volume, and scheduling can be remotely adjusted, and firmware updates supported.
USB Data Cloning


USB Data Cloning

USB data cloning increases efficiency in managing multiple displays for optimal operation since users don’t have to set up each display one by one. Once users copy data to a USB device in one display, it can be easily distributed to the other displays through a USB plug-in.


Real-Time Remote Monitoring
Malfunctions or errors can be easily handled through real-time remote care. When an error occurs, notifications can be sent through the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) protocol.

WOL (Wake-on-LAN) enables users to send a message throughout the network to power on displays.
Perfect Picture Quality and Color


Perfect Picture Quality and Color

Enjoy Full HD content in 4K ULTRA HD quality, optimized by the 4K Upscaler. The 4K upscaler automatically upgrades Full HD content to ULTRA HD through several upscaling processes so that images look crisp and clear in any viewing situation.
Compatibility with AV Control Systems


Compatibility with AV Control Systems

The UT640S series has been certified Crestron Connected®, proving that it has a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls. This results in seamless integration and automated control*, boosting business management efficiency.
DPM (Display Power Management)


DPM (Display Power Management)

From now on, you can configure the DPM (Display Power Management) function by setting it to On. When there is no signal, the TV enters DPM mode to manage power more efficiently.

Tech Spec

  • Display

    Display spec
    Inch 55
    Resolution 3,840 X 2,160 (UHD)
    Brightness (cd/m²) 400
  • Video

    Video spec
    HDR (10 Pro / HLG) Yes / Yes
  • Audio

    Audio spec
    Audio Output 10W + 10W
    Speaker System 2.0 ch
    One Touch Sound Tuning -
    LG Sound Sync Bluetooth required
  • Broadcasting System

    Broadcasting System spec
    TV Reception DVB-T2 / C / S2
  • Compability

    Compability spec
    Supersign SW Content Management Software (SuperSign CMS), Control and Monitoring Software (Control/Control+), Simple Editor
  • Feature

    Feature spec
    Signage Crestron Connected® (Network Based Control), DPM (Digital Power Management), Time Scheduler, RTC (Real Time Clock), NTP sync timer, BEACON, Embedded CM (Contents Manager), Embedded GM (Group Manager)
    Hospitality Hotel Mode (Installer Menu), Lock Mode (Limited), Welcome Screen (Splash Image), Insert Image, One Channel Map, IP Channel Manager, External Speaker Out (Int/Ext Variable/Fixed, 3.5mm, Stereo, Single ended Type (GND, L+, R+), 2W with 8Ω), RJP (Remote Jack Pack) Compatibility (LG/Teleadapt (RS232C), Teleadapt/Guestlink (HDMI CEC)), Auto Off/Sleep Timer, Smart Energy Saving, Motion Eye Care
    Smart webOS 4.5, Smart Home (Launcher Bar), Web Browser, Pre-loaded App (YouTube only), Soft AP, Wi-Fi (802.11ac, Built-in type), Screen Share (Miracast), DIAL, Bluetooth Audio Playback, LG Sound Sync/Bluetooth, Mobile Connection Overlay
    Maintenance USB Cloning, WOL, SNMP, Diagnostics (Self Diagnostics (USB)), SI Compatible (TVLink Tuner), Simplink (HDMI-CEC (1.4)), IR Out (RS-232C, HDMI), Multi IR Code
  • Jack Interface

    Jack Interface spec
    Set Side HDMI In 2 (2.0), USB (2.0), CI Slot
    Set Rear HDMI In (HDCP (2.0)), CI Slot, RF In 2, Digital Audio Out (Optical), RS-232C (D-Sub 9pin (Control & Service)), RJ45 (Ethernet), External Speaker Out (3.5mm phone jack) 2 (Spk-out 1, 4W (Stereo, R: 2.0W, L: 2.0W, 8Ω) Vol. Control 1), Debug (Phone Jack Type (Ext. SPK Volume Control Share))
  • Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Dimension (Unit: mm) spec
    Vesa 300 x 300
    W x H x D / weight (with stand) 1,244 x 786 x 231 / 14.5 kg
    W x H x D / weight (w/o stand) 1,244 x 726 x 87.1 / 14.3 kg
    W x H x D / Weight (Shipping) 1,360 x 835 x 175 / 19.5 kg
  • Power (Unit : Watts)

    Power (Unit : Watts) spec
    Voltage, Hz 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption(Typ.) 145W
    Stand-by 0.3W

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