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LG LAE-Q Standard LAE039DD4-Q
LG LAE-Q Standard LAE039DD4-Q
LG LAE-Q Standard LAE039DD4-Q


LAE-Q Standard Series

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Key Feature

  • Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm
  • Die Cast Aluminum Frame Design
  • 1,200nit High Brightness
  • Front or Rear Serviceability
  • Uniform Picture Quality

1,200nit High Brightness

Installed in a large venue with natural or indoor lighting, this high-brightness product immediately captures the audience’s attention and effectively delivers your message.

Die Cast Aluminum Frame Design

The unit cases come in clean angles and finishes to ensure seamless screens every time.

Simple Locking System

No extra tools are needed; each unit case has a lever on the back that easily locks into the unit cases joined to the top and left.
ID-LAE-Q-Standard-Series-04-Attachable Power and Control Modules

Attachable Power and Control Modules

Power and control modules attached to the unit cases can be removed easily, making it easy to fix problems that may arise.
ID-LAE-Q-Standard-Series-05-Front or Rear Serviceability and Maintenance

Front or Rear Serviceability and Maintenance

The product offers both front access or rear access, allowing customers to choose according to their installation environment and minimizing limitations in installation and maintenance.

Uniform Picture Quality

Every step from production is strictly managed, while factory calibration ensures consistent quality between the LED units. The display provides seamless content with 97% brightness uniformity.

Vividness with Color Accuracy

LG’s rigorous quality standards also make LG LED signage reproduce accurate colors, vividly displaying the original colors of objects without distortion.

RoHS Certified Safe Product

Boasting RoHS certification, all LG LED signage models are environmentally-friendly products that do not use materials harmful to the environment and people.

Tech Spec

  • Physical Parameter

    Physical Parameter spec
    Pixel Configuration 3 in 1 SMD
    Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.91
    Unit Case Resolution (W x H) 128 x 128
    Unit Case Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 500 x 500 x 81
    Weight per Unit Case (kg/unit) 7.5
    Weight per Square Meter (kg/m²) 30.0
    Service Access Front1) or Rear (One Option Only)
    1) Min. 100mm of space should be required between the cabinet rear and the wall.
  • Optical Parameter

    Optical Parameter spec
    Min. Brightness (After Calibration, cd/m²) 1,200
    Color Temperature 6,500
    Visual Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 160/160
    Brightness Uniformity 97%
    Color Uniformity ±0.003CxCy
    Contrast Ratio 5,000
    Processing Depth (bit) 14
  • Electrical Parameter

    Electrical Parameter spec
    Power Consumption (W/Unit, Max.) 168
    Power Consumption (W/Unit, Avg.) 56
    Power Consumption (W/m², Max.) 672
    Power Supply (V) 100 to 240
    Refresh Rate (Hz) 3,840
  • Operation Conditions

    Operation Conditions spec
    Lifetime (Duration of Half Brightness in Hours) 100,000
    Operating Temperature (°C) -10° to 45°
    Operating Humidity 0-80%RH

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