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LG Premium Slim LBS062DA4-V
LG Premium Slim LBS062DA4-V
LG Premium Slim LBS062DA4-V
LG Premium Slim LBS062DA4-V
LG Premium Slim LBS062DA4-V
LG Premium Slim LBS062DA4-V


Premium Slim Series

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Key Feature

  • Pixel Pitch: 6.25mm
  • Brightness: 6,000cd/m²
  • Outstanding Visibility
  • 16-bit Color Processing
  • Slim and Lightweight Design
  • Reliable Weatherproof Design

Outstanding Visibility

Offering a 6,000 nits, this super-bright display excels outdoors even in direct sunlight, instantly captivating attention and effectively delivering content.

Smooth Playback in Dynamic Motion

A high refresh rate of 4,000Hz assures the smooth playback of content. The flicker-free image prevents the black bars that occur from video shooting, as well as eye strain and blurred vision in viewers.

Reliable Weatherproof Design

The front and rear of the unit case are both IP66-certified, allowing stable operation unaffected by weather and harmful outdoor environments.

Front and Rear Serviceability

The product offers both front access and rear access, allowing customers to choose according to their installation environment and minimizing limitations in installation and maintenance.

Detailed Expression of Color Depth

16-bit color processing provides a higher greyscale level, which seamlessly displays different depths and densities of colors without distortion, thereby giving a more realistic and sophisticated content.

Slim and Lightweight Design

A 1m² LED display weighs only 31.3kg, keeping a full set of screens lightweight and reducing strain on the structure holding them.

Tech Spec

  • Physical Parameter

    Physical Parameter spec
    Pixel Configuration 3 in 1 SMD
    Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.25
    Unit Case Resolution (W x H) 128x256
    Unit Case Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 800x1600x143.5
    Weight per Unit Case (kg/unit) 40.0
    Weight per Square Meter (kg/m²) 31.3
    Service Access Front1) and Rear
    1) Min. 200mm of space should be required between the cabinet rear and the wall.
  • Optical Parameter

    Optical Parameter spec
    Min. Brightness (After Calibration, cd/m²) 6,000
    Color Temperature 3500-8500
    Visual Viewing Angle (Horizontal) 160
    Visual Viewing Angle (Vertical) 130
    Brightness Uniformity 97%
    Color Uniformity ±0.05Cx,Cy
    Contrast Ratio 3,000
    Processing Depth (bit) 16
  • Electrical Parameter

    Electrical Parameter spec
    Power Consumption (W/Unit, Max.) 880
    Power Consumption (W/Unit, Avg.) 352
    Power Consumption (W/m², Max.) 688
    Power Supply (V) 100 to 240
    Refresh Rate (Hz) 4,000
  • Operation Conditions

    Operation Conditions spec
    Lifetime (Duration of Half Brightness in Hours) 100,000
    Operating Temperature (°C) -20° to 50°
    Operating Humidity < 90%RH
    IP rating Front / Rear IP66/IP66

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