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OLED, Nothing to be Compared


OLED, Nothing to be Compared!

LG Information Display has become a pioneer opening the large OLED panel market by mass producing the world’s first large OLED panel in January 2013. The momentum behind this industry leadership is taking the unknown path, making bold moves and continuously pushing forward.

“Slim and Light Design”

OLED does not require the backlight unit.
nor the liquid crystal layer.
Slim and Light Design

The Self-Emissive OLED Display

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) refers to self emissive semiconductor light source made of organic material which does not require backlight unit. It can be bent or curved to produce innovative products as it does not need backlighting.

LCD 86.5mm OLED 3.65mm 96% Slimmer / LCD 18.6kg OLED 11.1kg 40% Lighter
Simple Structure
Less components
Slim / sleek design
No Back Light Unit
Light leakage free
No Liquid Crystal Layer
Wide viewing angle
Faster response time
Maximizing Customer Experience and Business Effectiveness

Maximizing Customer
Experience and
Business Effectiveness

OLED’s Perfect Color adds a special touch, providing natural colors without fading or distortion. This makes it possible to add realistic videos bringing tourist attractions and activities to life.

Case Studies

Incheon International Airport Incheon
Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky
Incheon International Airport Incheon
Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky


5 Superiorities of
OLED Display

Picture quality is what makes OLED superior. OLED boasts of Perfect Black, accurate color reproduction without distortion and wide viewing angle.
  • Perfect Black
    Pure Black with
    Self-lightning Pixels
  • Perfect Color
    Accurate & Stable
    Color Reproduction
  • Perfect Viewing Screen
    No Color Distortion
    from Any Viewing Angle
  • Perfect Clear Motion
    Vivid & Clear Image
    with 5,000 Times Faster MPRT
  • Perfect Design
    Slim and Light

Perfect Black

Self-lighting pixels of OLED produce infinite contrast and Perfect Black without light leakage.
LCD vs OLDE / OLDE_Perfect Black

Perfect Color

OLED provides accurate and stable color reproduction.
LCD vs OLDE / OLDE_Perfect Color

Perfect Viewing Screen

OLED has a very wide viewing angle thanks to self-lighting pixels.
LCD vs OLDE / OLDE_Perfect Viewing Screen

Perfect Clear Motion

OLED’s faster response time provides clear and blur-free images.
LCD vs OLDE / OLDE_Perfect Clear Motion

Perfect Color

There are no limitations to design as OLED display can be easily curved.
slim & Flexible
slim & Flexible
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