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LED Signage

A wide range of Indoor and Outdoor LED display will create the best viewing experiences while maximizing the effectiveness of advertising for your business.


  • LAP Series

    LAP Series makes the most of LG's display technology and delivers stunning image quality that makes a deep impression on viewers.

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  • LAS Series

    LAS Series is the mainstream model for versatile indoor applications. The Series provides a fine pitch model for high resolution, a standard model for various indoor venues, including quiet places, and a high-brightness model for large venues.

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  • LBP Series

    LBP Series is a premium outdoor LED display model that delivers vibrant image quality by adopting top grade LED chips. Models of the Series are custom-built to meet the strict requirements of customers and ensure their satisfaction.

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  • LBS Series

    LBS Series comes in various forms for different outdoor applications. With its design and production to deliver robust quality and outstanding performance, the Series provides the perfect solution for outdoor LED display.

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