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Color Transparent LED Film


Key Feature

  • Pitch : 24mm
  • LED Type : R,G,B 3in1 Color Package
  • Transmittance : 73%
  • Curvature(Concave) : 1,100R
  • Self-adhesive Film

Seamlessly Color your Space and Brand

Renovate your ordinary store or building with this revolutionary material that interacts seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

High Transparency

High transparency*(73%) allows glass to remain visible even after attaching the film, with no adverse effects on the original design. When the LED is OFF, the film is unnoticeable, blending into the glass completely.

Full Color Expression

LG Color Transparent LED film delivers a surprisingly wide range of colors using a 24 mm pitch. Applications can be extended to display an entire video or pictures in which various colors combinations are possible.

Easy Space Innovation

Self-adhesive Film

The transparent LED film is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to the surfaces of existing window glass wihout the need for any complicated construction.

Easy Space Innovation

Superb Expandability and Flexibility

The size and layout of the film can be customized to fit in to the installation area. It can be expanded by adding more films in a vertical or horizontal way, or cut in parallel with the bezel to meet size requirements.

Easy Space Innovation

Curved Format Supported

The transparent LED film supports curvatures up to 1,100R concave for curved glass or window applications. This allows a wider range of venues to be redesigned as a landmark.

System Connection


Tech Spec

LED Film: LAT240DT1
  • Model spec
    Pitch LED Type
    24 mm R, G, B 3in1 Color Package (SMD1818)
    Resolution Pixels per Panel
    28 x 20 560
    Pixel Density [point/m²] Brightness
    1,736 >1,000 cd/m²
    Contrast Ratio Luminance Uniformity
    ≥ 100,000:1 ≥ 70%
    Viewing Angle (H x V) Life Time (Brightness 50%)
    120 x 120 50,000 Hrs
    Daily Usage Adhesion (After Installation)
    24 Hrs / 7 Days 50,000 Hrs
    Transmittance Operating Temperature
    73% 0℃ ~ 45℃ (Indoor Glass Installation Only)
    Curved Installation Film Trimming
    1,100R (Concave) Yes (Parallel to the Bezel Side Only)
    Color Processing Colors
    130/120/110 Level (R, G, B) 1,716,000 Colors
    Color Chromaticity Dimension (W x H x D)
    Cx: 0.28±0.03, Cy: 0.28±0.03 668 x 480 x 2.0 mm (with Front & Back Protection Film)
    Weight Power Consumption
    0.73 kg 37 W (Transparent Panel and Bezel Kit, @ film 1ea)
    150 W (Transparent Panel and Bezel Kit, @ film 2x2)
1st Bezel Kit: ACC-LATB2
  • Model spec
    Dimension (W x H x D) Weight
    479.5 × 24 × 53 mm 0.45 kg
Common Bezel Kit: ACC-LATB3
  • Model spec
    Dimension (W x H x D) Weight
    479.5 × 24 × 28 mm 0.26 kg
Power (Bezel Kit & LED Film): ACC-LATP1
  • Model spec
    Dimension (W x H x D) Weight
    183 × 86 × 28 mm 0.769 kg
    Input Output
    100~240V, 50~60Hz 19.5V/10.8A (210W)
    Color DC Output Cable
    White 14AWG, 1.5m
Unit Controller: LCLG012U
  • Model spec
    Resolution Interface
    Up to FHD (4 Unit Controllers Needed for FHD) LVDS in with I2C, RJ45 x 4ea
    Maximum Transmission Length Dimension (W x H x D)
    100 m 273 × 186.8 × 37 mm
    Weight Power Consumption
    1.5 kg 20 W
    Power Cord, LVDS MCX Cable, ESG, Regulation Book
System Controller: LCLG002
  • Model spec
    Video Input
    3,840 x 2,160 @30Hz HDMI, DP, DVI-D, RS232C, RJ45 (w/o LED Indicator), IR Receiver (for Installation), USB 3.0
    Output Dimension (W x H x D)
    LVDS, DP, RS232C, RJ45 (w/o LED Indicator) 273 × 186.8 × 37 mm
    Weight (Head) Temperature Sensor
    1.6 kg O
    Light Sensor Source Selection
    TPC Power Consumption
    Yes 17W
    CMS S/W Accessories
    Yes Power Cord, HDMI Cable, IR Sensor, 4P Phone-to-RS232C Gender
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