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Better Life for All

Innovate Today for
a Sustainable Tomorrow

From manufacturers to consumers, present to the future generation, and technology to sustainable earth,
we create a better future for humanity through sustainable innovations for everyone.
Waste Less,
Recycle More

It would be difficult to imagine a world without digital signage. From kiosks for ordering drinks and billboards on buildings to displays at airports that inform flight times, digital signage is now part of our daily lives. The advancement of digital signage technology has greatly enriched our lives, but it has also created a variety of environmental problems.

As part of our commitment to protect our precious every day and the planet earth, we strive to minimize the digital signage value chain’s environmental impact and pursue sustainable innovation throughout the process. In addition to using fewer plastics and hazardous materials, our simplified production process reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable production and reuse of raw materials continue to be our goals.

LG remains committed to protecting the environment by minimizing waste and maximizing recycling.

Reducing Environmental Pollutant
LG OLED products use self light-emitting panels, which eliminate the need for LCD backlights. Compared to previous LCD’s, OLED technology decreases plastic usage by up to 90% in module production stage, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
Lower Carbon Emissions
with LG Kiosks
in-Touch technology eliminates the process of adding touch panels to LCDs and reduces the use of indium. Moreover, by producing fewer parts, the process is shorter, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
LG Digital Signage
Using Recycled Materials
Recycled resins are used to manufacture back covers for digital signage product* and LG plans to expand this practice to other models as well. In addition, recycled cardboard was partially used to produce packaging materials, and the printing information on the packaging materials was written by only black ink.
* Digital signage product refers "UL3J-E" model
Save Energy,
Save Earth

After coal, petroleum, nuclear energy, and renewable energy, energy saving is often referred to as the 'fifth fuel’. It is the most precious resource for a sustainable future and the most eco-friendly way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy efficiency can contribute 40% of the carbon reduction goal for 2050.

As the concern for energy crisis becomes more critical worldwide, products that consume less electricity are strongly demanded. Since digital signage products are used everyday and everywhere, LG has been devoting endless efforts to improve performance and minimize electrical power consumption.

We want to not only provide a better digital signage experience through our high efficiency, high brightness display technology, but also evolve so that choosing LG’s digital signage can be a way to participate in energy conservation.

  • - America's Untapped Energy Resource: Boosting Efficiency - TIME
  • - Market Report Series: Energy Efficiency 2018 - Analysis - IEA
Energy Efficient
LG M+ Technology
LG high brightness products using the innovative M+ technology which provide a high penetration rate realize bright and clear images. LG M+ technology reduces power consumption compared to RGB in same brightness condition.
LG LED Signage
with High Efficiency Lighting Technology
LG’s high efficiency LED signage uses less power, saving up to 42% of electricity thanks to the continuous improvement of light source efficiency and operating technology.
Smart Energy Management
LG ConnectedCare &
LG SuperSign
LG ConnectedCare, LG SuperSign CMS, and LG SuperSign Control+ automatically adjust screen brightness according to the surrounding environment and minimizes electricity consumption while not in use. By Brightness Scheduling* feature, users can manage energy consumption efficiently, and by using Multi-control feature multiple signages can be controlled simultaneously.
* Brightness scheduling is supported by SuperSign CMS and SuperSign Control+
Easy, Accessible

Digitalization is now a necessity, not an option. In an increasingly advanced society, the ability to access and utilize a new digital environment will become increasingly important. Despite the benefit of convenience, the technology can be a difficulty for those with limited access to it.

A common example would be kiosks. Some people find kiosks convenient for buying tickets and ordering food, while others may not. Kiosks are often placed too high for wheelchair users or small children, making them difficult to use. And it would feel like touching a wall for visually impaired individuals.

Understanding that technology is not so easy for some people, LG is doing its best to make technology more accessible to everyone so that technology doesn't become a barrier in a digitalized world.

Accessibility Enhanced
LG Kiosk
User convenience was improved by adding touch labels (braille) to feature keys and providing audio navigation features for visually impaired users. The kiosk also offers a customized service feature for wheelchair users with a lower part displaying menus.
LG’s Services and Solutions
that Meet WCAG Standards
Under WCAG 2.1* Standards, LG produced the webOS6.0 platform web service and product solutions.
LG’s technology allows digital vulnerable groups to use web contents more easily.
* WCAG(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1
** Most of our company's web services and product solutions meet WCAG standards and that have not yet been applied are under review.
Transparent Governance,
Sustainable Growth

LG understands the importance of transparent governance. The board committee strives to maintain the independence, expertise, and transparency of the board of directors by maintaining a stable and straightforward working relationship. By complying with the board’s operating regulations, we ensure that the company's management is efficient, and shareholders' rights are protected. Ultimately, this leads to the company's sustainable growth.

Board of Directors Structure & Operations
To ensure oversight efficiency, LG Electronics adheres strictly to the Board's operating regulations and promotes the protection of shareholders' rights and sustainable growth.
Transparent Governance –
Board of Directors
LG Electronics recognizes the needs and expectations of global stakeholders for transparent governance. To ensure this, LG Electronics upholds the Board's core values - expertise, independence, and transparency through the effective operation of Board committees and a transparent appointment process.
Sustainability Management Organizations
Each year, the ESG Committee, consisting of four outside directors and one in-house director (CEO), meets twice to discuss and decide on issues related to ESG management. Additionally, the expansion of the sustainability management group includes an ESG consultative group organized by the CFO and meets four times a year. For further discussion by the consultative group, the direction, progress, and critical issues of ESG management activities are reported to the ESG Committee.
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