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Digital Signage WP402, Image taken from the top right
Digital Signage WP402, Image taken from the top left
Digital Signage WP402, front view
Digital Signage WP402, rear view
Digital Signage WP402, top view


webOS Box

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Key Feature

  • LG webOS 4.0 Smart Signage Platform
  • Ultra HD Video Playback
  • Intuitive UX Dedicated for Digital Signage
  • Embedded CMS
  • Compatibility with LG SuperSign Solution and LG ConnectedCare

WP402 is connected to LG digital signage to perform several functions.

The User-Friendly Smart Signage Platform

The WP402 webOS box operates webOS 4.0, the enhanced user-friendly LG smart signage platform, and is attached to existing LG digital signages and upgrades them regardless of their original platform. It can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback, and provides an excellent user experience with an intuitive menu and convenient features.
This image shows that WP401 upgrades webOS(old version) and Non-webOS type of LG digital signages to webOS 4.0 Smart Signage Platform. In this way, users easily manage and distribute web-based applications.

Great Scalability

Upgrade to the webOS 4.0 Smart Signage Platform

The WP402 may be applied towards any type of LG digital signages regardless of its platform. The webOS box provides user-friendly smart functions with dedicated menus essential for business use. This way, users are able to easily manage and distribute content or develop web-based applications for multiple signages simultaneously. Moreover, the WP402 has expanded its versatile ability to control displays.
WP402 supports the play of UHD video, and this shopping mall digital signage scene is one of examples.

High Performance Media Player

UHD Video Playback Supported

The WP402 supports Ultra HD high-quality video playback which delivers color and details of content vividly, with four times higher definition than FHD. Only a single webOS box is required for this superior picture quality.
WP402 allows the users to flexibly control the brightness and volume of multiple LG digital signages through RS-232C cable connection.

High Performance Media Player

Display Control Capability

Beyond content management, control commands from the WP402 can be sent to LG digital signages through the RS-232C cable connection. It allows users to flexibly set up display values such as power, brightness or volume for optimal operation.
WP402 provides a home menu showing display’s current status and embedded CMS.

User-Friendly Smart Platform

All-in-One Home Menu

The WP402 offers a signage-dedicated home menu that shows key information related to signage operation at a glance. A dashboard showing the status of devices, a content management menu, and shortcuts leading to quick settings greatly enhance user convenience.
Users can set up players, editors, schedulers, etc. for displays using various devices from remote controls to laptops.

User-Friendly Smart Platform

Embedded Content Management

The embedded CMS(Content Management System) allows users to edit content using internal/external sources and set playlists to play at the desired schedule. Users can easily explore and manage content through the intuitive GUI, using various input devices, from a remote control to a laptop.
It plays 4 videos simultaneously and distribute content through multi video tags feature.

Flexible Operation

Multi Video Tags

Several different videos can be played at the same time using the multi video tags feature. This gives you greater flexibility to organize and deploy content when various content items need to be delivered simultaneously via web apps.
PBP provides 4 screens for 1 display, and PIP consists of the main screen and second screen in various layouts.

Flexible Operation

Multi Screen with PBP/PIP

PBP(Picture-By-Picture) features multi screen in a single display with upto 4 input sources while PIP(Picture-In-Picture) supports playing both main screen and sub screen at the same time with various layouts. This gives great flexibility to allocate space for each content source.
WP402 is compatible with LG SuperSign Solutions and uses SuperSign to facilitate the creation and distribution of various contents.

Flexible Operation

Compatibility with LG SuperSign Solutions

LG SuperSign is a comprehensive and indispensable software solution for the integrated management of LG digital signages. With SuperSign, content creation and distribution gets easier and centralized monitoring and control becomes simpler, helping your business save time and operate more effectively across different locations.
LG employees are remotely monitoring LG digital signage installed in other locations using a cloud-based LG monitoring solution.

Flexible Operation

Real-Time Remote Care Service

Maintenance is easy and fast with the optional LG ConnectedCare service, a cloud service solution provided by LG. It remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, enabling the stable operation of clients' businesses

* The availability differs by regions.

Tech Spec

  • Mechanical Specification

    Mechanical Specification spec
    Player Dimension (W x H x D) 258.0 mm × 36.5 mm × 186.0 mm
    Weight 0.87 kg
    Packed Weight 1.77 kg
    Carton Dimensions (W × H × D) 359.0 mm × 124.0 mm × 314.0 mm
  • Key Feature (Hardware)

    Key Feature (Hardware) spec
    Key Feature (Hardware) 8 GB (System 4 GB, Available 4 GB), Wi-Fi Built-in, Temperature Sensor, Power Indicator, Local Key Operation
  • Key Feature (Software)

    Key Feature (Software) spec
    webOS ver. webOS 4.0
    Embedded CMS Local Contents Scheduling, Group Manager
    Fail over Yes
    Multi-screen PIP, PBP (4)
    Screen Share Yes
    Background Image No Signal Image
    Video Tag Yes (4)
    Play via URL Yes
    Rotation Screen Rotation, External Input Rotation
    Gapless Playback Yes
    Tile Mode Setting Yes (Max. 15 × 15)
    Setting Data Cloning Yes (RS-232C, Network, USB)
    SNMP Yes
    ISM Mode (Image Sticking Minimization) Yes
    Status Mailing Yes
    Beacon Yes
    Power Wake on LAN
    HDMI-CEC Yes * Compatibility may differ by equipment.
    SI Server Setting Yes
    webRTC Yes
  • Environment Conditions

    Environment Conditions spec
    Operation Temperature 0°C to 40°C
    Operation Humidity 10% to 80%
  • Power

    Power spec
    Power Supply AC 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
    Power Type Built-In Power
  • Power Consumption

    Power Consumption spec
    Typ./Max. 23 W / 27W
  • Certification

    Certification spec
    Safety CB / NRTL
    EMC FCC Class "A" / CE
  • Software Compatibility

    Software Compatibility spec
    Content Management Software SuperSign CMS
    Control and Monitoring Software SuperSign Control/Control+
  • Connectivity

    Connectivity spec
    Input HDMI (2), DP, USB 2.0 (2)
    Output HDMI, DP (Daisy Chain Only)
    External Control RS-232C In / Out, RJ45 In, IR In
  • Accessory

    Accessory spec
    Basic Remote Controller, Power Cord, QSG, HDMI Cable, Regulation Book, Phone to RS-232C Gender

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