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high_performance_slim high_performance_slim

High Performance Slim

The LBS High Performance Slim series comes with a slim unit case design suitable for various premium grade outdoor applications.

high_performance_slim_feature_01_High Performance Slim

High Performance Slim

LBS062DA1-V (6.30 mm) LBS062DA3-V (6.30 mm) LBS083DA1-V (8.33 mm) LBS083DA3-V (8.33 mm) LBS100DA1-V (10.00 mm) LBS100DA3-V (10.00 mm)
  • Outstanding Image Quality_img
    Outstanding Image Quality
  • Light-weight & Slim Design_img
    Light-weight & Slim Design
  • Low Power Consumption_img
    Low Power Consumption
  • IP65/54 (front/rear)_img
    IP65/54 (front/rear)

Tech Spec

  • Model spec
    Model Name LBS062DA1-V LBS062DA3-V LBS083DA1-V LBS083DA3-V
  • Model spec
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