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indoor_standard indoor_standard

Indoor Standard

The LAE Standard series is reasonable and provides versatile performance. It is available in various creative and user-friendly designs for convenient installation and maintenance.



LAE026DD4-Q (2.60mm) LAE029DD4DE (2.97mm) LAE029DD4E (2.97mm) LAE039DD4 (3.90mm) LAE039DD4D (3.90mm) LAE039DD4-Q (3.91mm)
  • Light-weight & Slim Design_img
    Light-weight & Slim Design
  • 1,000/800 cd/㎡ Brightness_img
    1,200 cd/m² Brightness
  • Low Power Consumption_img
    Low Power Consumption
  • Front or Rear Service Access_img
    Front or Rear Service Access

Tech Spec

  • Model spec
    Model Name LAE026DD4-Q LAE029DD4DE LAE029DD4E
  • Model spec
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