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Stadium LED

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Key Feature

  • Pixel Pitch: 10.00 mm
  • Brightness: 6,000 cd/m²
  • Qualified for UEFA Criteria
  • Quick Maintenance
  • IP65 Weatherproof Design

LBB Stadium Series LBB Stadium Series

Qualified for UEFA Criteria

Qualified for UEFA Criteria

The LBB series meets the LED technical specifications of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) that a perimeter LED signage should follow when installed in UEFA’s stadiums.

* Full approval from UEFA can only be given once a system is checked on site.
Quick and Simple Maintenance

Quick and Simple Maintenance

The LED module can be replaced only in one minute from both front and rear sides, minimizing maintenance time and spatial constraints. Also, every electric component is easily serviced.
Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

A circuit breaker is included in each cabinet not only to protect people from electric shock by current leakage causes, but also to provide security from an overcurrent.
Redundancy Support

Redundancy Support

The LBB series supports both power and signal redundancy to reassure the operator and ensure the continuous operation even if there is power failure or no signal.
Design for Injury Prevention

Design for Injury Prevention

In consideration of the safety of players and staffs, the front and top parts of a cabinet are designed with a rubber pad and a rubber louver to prevent serious injury caused by hitting it during a game.
Foldable Design

Foldable Design

In case of an emergency, people in the stadium can escape quickly and easily by folding down the cabinets.

Tech Spec

  • Physical Parameter

    Physical Parameter spec
    Pixel Configuration 3 in 1 SMD
    Pixel Pitch (mm) 10.00
    Module Resolution (W x H) 40 × 15
    Module Dimensions (W x H, mm) 400 × 150
    Weight per Module (kg) 1.00
    No. of Modules per Cabinet (W × H) 4 × 6
    Cabinet Resolution (W × H) 160 × 90
    Cabinet Dimensions (W × H × D, mm) 1,600 × 900 × 124
    Cabinet Surface Area (m²) 1.440
    Weight per Cabinet (kg/cabinet) 65.0
    Weight per Square Meter (kg/m²) 45.1
    Physical Pixel Density (pixels/m²) 10,000
    Flatness of Cabinet ±0.5 mm
    Cabinet Material Aluminum Profile
    Service Access Module Front and Back,
    PDU Rear
  • Optical Parameter

    Optical Parameter spec
    Min. Brightness (After Calibration) 6,000
    Color Temperature 3,500 ~ 9,000
    Visual Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 160 × 120
    Brightness Uniformity 97%
    Color Uniformity ±0.003 CxCy
    Contrast Ratio 12,000
    Processing Depth (bit) 14
  • Electrical Parameter

    Electrical Parameter spec
    Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Max.) 1,200
    Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Avg.) 400
    Power Consumption (W/m², Max.) 840
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/Cabinet, Max.) 4,094
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/Cabinet, Avg.) 1,365
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/㎡, Max.) 2,866
    Power Supply (V) 100 to 240
    Frame Rate (Hz) 50 / 60
    Refresh Rate (Hz) 3,840
  • Operation Conditions

    Operation Conditions spec
    Lifetime (Hours to Half Brightness) 100,000
    Operating Temperature (°C) -20°C to +45°C
    Operating Humidity 10-99% RH
    IP rating Front / Rear IP65 / IP65
  • Certification

    Certification spec
    Certification CE,FCC,ETL
  • Environment

    Environment spec
    Environment RoHS
  • Controller

    Controller spec
    Controller LCIN006

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