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outdoor_standard outdoor_standard

Outdoor Standard

The LBE Standard series is reasonable and provides versatile performance. It is available in various creative and user-friendly designs for convenient installation and maintenance.



LBE039DD4 (3.91mm) LBE040DD4 (4.0mm) LBE046DD4 (4.63 mm) LBE046DD4D (4.63 mm) LBE069DD4 (6.94 mm) LBE069DD4D (6.94 mm) LBE080DD4 (8.00 mm) LBE100DD5 (10.00 mm) LBE100DD4 (10.00 mm)
  • 5,000~5,500 cd/㎡ High Brightness_img
    5,000~5,500 cd/㎡ High Brightness
  • Light-weight & Slim Design_img
    Light-weight & Slim Design
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance_img
    Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • IP65/54 (front/rear)_img
    IP65/54 (front/rear)

Tech Spec

  • Model spec
    Model Name LBE039DD4 LBE040DD4 LBE046DD4 LBE046DD4D
  • Model spec
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