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OLED Signage 65EP5G, Front view with infill image
OLED Signage 65EP5G, Front view
OLED Signage 65EP5G, -45 degree side view
OLED Signage 65EP5G, -90 degree side view
OLED Signage 65EP5G, +45 degree side view
OLED Signage 65EP5G, +90 degree side view
OLED Signage 65EP5G, Rear view
OLED Signage 65EP5G, Top view


UltraFine Display OLED Pro

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Key Feature

  • Accurate Color with a Wide OLED Screen 
  • Jack Interfaces for Professional (SDI, SFP+, etc.)
  • Smart Calibration
  • Brightness(Typ.) : 770 / 430 / 180 nit @D65 (APL 10% / 25% / 100%)
A man is working on video editing using two 65EP5Gs installed on walls and desks at his workplace. A man is working on video editing using two 65EP5Gs installed on walls and desks at his workplace.

UltraFine Display OLED Pro

Versatile OLED with Accurate Color, Customized to Suit Your Needs

Enhance your workplace with LG’s 65EP5G OLED professional monitor that has been developed to meet a variety of use cases and workflows in content production, post-production and distribution. 65EP5G builds upon the capabilities of LG’s OLED displays recognized by a Technology and Engineering Emmy® award and incorporates additional features and functionality to meet the needs of professionals.

* 65 Inch (65EP5G)
* All images are for illustrative purposes only.
65EP5G can compare and monitor colors of SDR and HDR on one screen at the same time. 65EP5G can compare and monitor colors of SDR and HDR on one screen at the same time.

Accurate Color with a Wide OLED Screen

Advanced Calibration functionality allows display to achieve reference performance for picture quality-enabled by LG’s proprietary software (SuperSign for White Balance). It supports programmable hardware 1D & 3D LUTs and multiple color-accurate profiles for rapid transitioning between calibrated modes.

* All images are for illustrative purposes only.
 Equipped with jack interfaces such as SDI, Genlock, and IP(SFP+ &RJ45), 65EP5G can be connected to the camera, facilitating video transmission between studio devices.

Diverse I/O Interfaces

A variety of input interfaces are provided including HDMI, quad loop-thru SDI (BNC), IP (SFP+ & RJ45). Supported IP formats include ST-2110 and ST-2022-6. Also included interface is a Genlock input for use in broadcast and virtual production applications.

* All images are for illustrative purposes only.
It is easy to set up through a control bar equipped with various functions such as APL, TALLY, Function keys, Power, and a profile key that can use 10 custom shortcuts.

Convenience and Functionality

The control panel provides shortcuts to frequently used functions and profiles featuring different monitor settings and picture quality options. Also, a variety of user selectable on-screen features are available such as Markers, Zoom, Audio Level Meters, and Waveform & Vector Scopes.

* All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Tech Spec

  • Panel

    Panel spec
    Screen Size 65"
    Panel Technology OLED
    Native Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 (UHD)
    Pixcel : RWBG stripe arrangement
    Brightness 770 / 430 / 180 nit @D65 (APL 10% / 25% / 100%)
    Contrast Ratio 1,850,000:1
    Dynamic CR No
    Color gamut BT709 120% DCI-P3 98.5%
    Color Viewing Angle R/L 120(min), U/D 120(min) (△u'v' ≤ 0.025)
    Color Depth 10bit, 1.07Billion colors
    Response Time 0.1ms (G to G)
    Operation Hours (Hours / Day) 12/7 (Moving Content Only)
    Portrait / Landscape No / Yes
  • Connectivity

    Connectivity spec
    Input HDMI(2, HDCP2.2(HDMI 2.1)), SDI(4), REF In, RJ45(LAN), RJ45(GPI In), SFP(SFP+), USB(USB2.0 Type A)
    Output Audio Out (1, Head-Phone), SDI(4, Loop-through), RJ45(GPI Out) OUT(GPI)
  • Mechanical Specification

    Mechanical Specification spec
    Bezel Color Black
    Bezel Width T/R/L/B : 2.0 /2.0 / 2.0 / 2.0mm (Off Bezel)
    T/R/L/B : 8.7 /8.9 / 8.9 / 11.6 mm (On Bezel)
    Weight (Head) 31kg
    Monitor Dimension (W × H × D) 1,446.3 x 823.8 x 49mm (w/o control box)
    1,446.3 x 853.8 x 56.5mm(w/ control box)
    Monitor Dimensions with Stand (W × H × D) 1,446.3 x 896.5 x 272mm
    Handle Yes
    VESA™ Standard Mount Interface 300 x 300
  • Key Feature

    Key Feature spec
    HW Internal Memory 8 GB, Temperature Sensor, Power Indicator (Standby : Red, Power On : White), Local Key Operation
    SW webOS ver(webOS5.0), Multi-screen (PIP, PBP (2)), ISM Method, HDMI
    Picture Adjust(OLED Light, Brightness, Contrast, Chroma, Sharpness, Tint), Color Temp(VAR Temp./9300K/6500K/5400K/3200K/D65(6504K)/C(6774K)/D-Cinema(6302K)), R/G/B Gain(-100 ~ 100), Transfer Matrix(Auto / BT.709 / BT.601 / BT.2020), Mastering Peak(Auto / 0 / 400 / 540 / 700 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 10000), SDI Color Format(Auto / RGB444 / YCbCr444 / YCbCr422 ), SCAN(Zero Scan /Over Scan / Under Scan / Pixel to Pixel), AFD (Active Format Description), Aspect Ratio(Full/16:9/4:3/14:9/13:9/1.85:1/2.35:1), ZOOM(2x, 3x, 4x, 5x), Mono/Blue Only(Off/MonoColor/Blue Color), HDMI IT Content, PictureOptions(Noise Reduction, MPEG Noise Reduction, Black Level, Real Cinema, Motion Eye Care, Dynamic Tone Mapping, Dynamic Contrast, Dynamic Color)
    Color Space Native / DCI-P3 / BT.709 / SMPTE-C / BT.2020 / EBU / Adobe RGB / NTSC
    EOTF User/1.9/2.2/2.4/2.6/BT1886(±0.2)/HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision
    Marker Marker(Off/16:9/4:3/14:9/13:9/1.85:1/2.35:1/User Marker 1/User Marker 2/User Marker 3), Safety Area(Off/16:9 95%/16:9 93%/16:9 90%/16:9 88%/16:9 85%/16:9 80%/4:3 95%/4:3 93%/4:3 90%/4:3 88%/4:3 85%/4:3 80%), Center Marker,Marker Thickness, Marker Color, Preset1(Preset1~2)
    Audio Audio Source Selection(SDI1/ SDI 2 / SDI 3 / SDI 4 / SFP+), Audio Level Meter
    Video Analysis Waveform / Vector, HDR/SDR monitoring
    Advanced Profile(1~10), Function Key(F1~5), OnScreen Display, UMD (Under Monitor Display), Input ID,VPID, Information, Control(Key/LED/IR), HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color, OLED Panel Settings(TPC, Pixel Refresher, Screen Shift, Logo Luminance Adjustment, Global Sticky Reduction, Convex Power Control, Uniformity Compensation), Screen Saver(On / Off),Screen Control(I/P Mode, Internal Pattern),Power(No Signal / No IR), Network Settings, Caption(608, 708),PIP/PBP, Gen Lock, Change Device Password, Factory Reset
  • Environment Conditions

    Environment Conditions spec
    Operation Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
    Operation Humidity 10 % to 80 %
  • Power

    Power spec
    Power Supply AC 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
    Power Type Built-In Power
  • Power Consumption

    Power Consumption spec
    Typ./Max. 300 W / 470 W
    BTU (British Thermal Unit) 1023.6 BTU/Hr(Typ.), 1603.7 BTU/Hr(Max)
  • Certification

    Certification spec
    Safety CB / NRTL
    EMC FCC Class "A" / CE / KC
    ErP Yes (EU Only)
  • Software Compatibility

    Software Compatibility spec
    SuperSign WB Yes
  • Accessory

    Accessory spec
    Basic Remote Controller(include battery 2ea), Installation Guide, Regulation Book

To download product manuals, please visit the Manual Download Page (Click).

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