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The Essential Tool for Effortlessly Managing Your Content and Devices
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Easy to Use Content Management Solution
LG SuperSign CMS is an all-in-one solution for content management that simplifies the process with its comprehensive range of features. With LG SuperSign CMS, users can create, edit, and schedule content with ease, and distribute it across a variety of LG devices.

In addition, LG SuperSign CMS can monitor and control devices on which it is installed, allowing for centralized management and troubleshooting. Whether you're managing digital signage for a retail store, hotel, or corporate office, LG SuperSign CMS makes it easy to ensure your content is displayed in the best possible way. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, LG SuperSign CMS is an essential tool for anyone looking to manage their content and devices more efficiently.
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Content Creation
LG SuperSign CMS, including a user-friendly content editor, helps users easily create their digital signage content. With the editor and customizable templates designed for various industries, businesses can quickly create and update dynamic signage content.
The solution also allows for the import of external content from streaming services, web videos, and web pages, providing businesses with a wide range of options for creating and displaying relevant content. Whether displaying menu boards, promotions, or news updates, LG SuperSign CMS makes it easy to create and manage engaging content for digital signage displays.
User-friendly content editor
Users can quickly create and update content for their digital signage. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options, content editor enables you to easily create, edit, and manage engaging content for your digital signage displays. Whether you’re an experienced designer or new to digital signage, content editor provides the tools to create impactful and effective displays that captivate audiences and deliver results.
Customizable templates
Easily create industry specific contents. Several templates are offered for user convenience, categorized by industry or purpose, including basic layouts, bars/restaurants, shopping, hotels, information, transportation and hospitals.
External content Integration
For externally produced and stored contents and importing external content, the system includes a web video and streaming feature, which allows real-time streaming content to be played using image, audio, and video streaming web addresses.

* LG SuperSign CMS provides a service that works with external content (Streaming, Web page, Web video, etc.), and external content is not included in the solution.
Content Distribution
The content distribution feature not only simplifies the process of distributing content, but also allows users to register content created through the editor in signage and easily distribute it to displays linked to the solution. With this function, users can create schedules that include multiple content items and distribute them to designated displays. Detailed display schedules can be set in advance for recurring or one-time playback, specifying specific times, days, or days of the week.
Multi-Channel Distribution
The multi-channel distribution feature is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of changing content on a display.
With this feature, users can set different content for each channel and then easily switch between channels to adjust the content displayed. This flexibility allows users to create a truly dynamic and engaging experience for their audience, with the ability to display a variety of content on a single display.
Simplified video wall sync
Simple media sync is another feature that allows a large screen display to be easily divided into separate video walls with different videos without the need for time-consuming video splitting. This effectively reduces the long process of content editing and encoding for video walls. Now, all users need to do is select the playback video and specify the display area for each part of the signage display.
Device management
LG SuperSign CMS provides an efficient device management feature that allows administrators to monitor and control multiple digital signage devices remotely from a single location. This feature enables quick identification and troubleshooting of issues, as well as adjustments of settings such as volume and brightness, ensuring that all displays are functioning properly and delivering the intended content.
The monitoring feature provides real-time monitoring of signage content, which is essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of all connected devices. Devices linked to the solution can be displayed in either list or map format, providing an at-a-glance view of the status of all connected devices.
The control feature allows users to adjust the settings of any registered signage with just a few clicks. Users can easily change the displayed content and other settings, ensuring that the digital signage displays are always up-to-date and displaying the correct content.
Additional features
One-Stop Solution
LG SuperSign CMS is a digital signage management solution that is optimized for all LG signage displays. Any content created through LG SuperSign CMS can be used regardless of the types of display. This means that LG SuperSign CMS can seamlessly connect and manage different types of digital signage (High brightness, Video wall, LED, etc.) using a single server, making it a versatile solution for system administrators.
External Database Connectivity
LG SuperSign CMS can connect to external databases, allowing for real-time data to be displayed in conjunction
with SuperSign content. This feature is particularly useful for displaying information such as weather conditions or flight status updates, which can be updated automatically and displayed in real-time.
* LG SuperSign CMS provides services linked with external data (Excel, XML, Json, etc.), and external data is not included in the solution.
Optimized Power Consumption
The brightness level of digital signage displays is a major factor in determining their power consumption. LG SuperSign CMS provides convenient multi-device control, including brightness scheduling, which helps optimize power consumption.
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