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An Optimized Digital Signage Solution for QSR/F&B stores
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LG SuperSign QSR is a packaged solution for the efficient management of displays in the QSR industry, which includes LG SuperSign CMS, KDS Manager, and Q-Manager. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is witnessing rapid digital transformation, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and deliver an improved user experience to customers. As this digital transformation continues, there is a growing demand for a solution that can seamlessly integrate and efficiently manage the increasing number of displays in QSR/F&B stores. LG SuperSign QSR aims to simplify store operations and enhance the overall customer experience by facilitating the management of signage products used within the QSR/F&B industry.
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LG SuperSign QSR Structure
Dynamic Digital Menu Board
Menu boards can be categorized into two types: analog menu boards composed of simple text and digital menu boards that incorporate visual elements. You may have noticed digital menu boards at fast food stores featuring screen transitions and animations. Compared to traditional menu boards, digital menu boards with displays pique customers’ curiosity, visually convey diverse information, and allow easy modification of menu board images and text.

By leveraging the LG SuperSign CMS solution, you can create a customized menu board that showcases the unique characteristics of your store and produce promotional materials. This enables you to provide menu guidance through the menu board and create engaging promotional content, which may increase sales.
Content Creation And Distribution:
The LG SuperSign CMS solution facilitates easy configuration of the menu board to align with your store’s characteristics and food offerings. Furthermore, the solution allows seamless distribution of the content you create to the connected display.
Rule Settings:
With the LG SuperSign CMS solution, you have the flexibility to set different display rules based on your preferences. Additionally, real-time content changes can be achieved by integrating external data, such as weather information. For example, by linking the menu board with weather data, you can promote hot drinks instead of cold drinks during rainy weather, or display discounted prices for certain items after 10 PM (depending on user settings) to increase sales. This enables you to effectively compose content that is dynamically tailored to your specific objectives.
Kitchen Display System & POS Integration
Ordering errors are a common challenge in the restaurant industry. Customers may raise complaints if they receive food different from their original order or if the food of a customer who ordered later than the customer who ordered earlier is prepared. LG SuperSign QSR’s KDS Manager offers a solution to systematize the ordering process and minimize such errors. When an order is placed at a kiosk or POS machine, the order details can be displayed in the kitchen, allowing staff to efficiently manage the order queue and increase overall work efficiency.

KDS Manager enhances work efficiency by facilitating clear communication within the restaurant through the following features:
Simplified Order Tracking
Orders are displayed in the sequence they are received, providing a clear and trackable ordering process.
Scalability With Open API
By offering an open API, KDS Manager easily integrates with various Point of Sale (POS) or Kiosk systems worldwide, facilitating compatibility with different systems.
By leveraging these capabilities, KDS Manager streamlines order management, reduces errors, and improves the overall efficiency of restaurant operations
Queuing Management System & Display
At fast food stores, when food is ready, there is often an announcement made with a sound, such as "Order number 77 is out." However, there are instances where customers may experience difficulties in hearing these announcements, especially when they are far from the pick-up point or in a noisy environment, resulting in unawareness of their served food.

To address this issue, having a display in the store that shows the order numbers can significantly enhance the customer's experience by providing a more intuitive way to track the progress of their order. LG SuperSign QSR's Q-Manager enables the digitization of the customer's experience, confirming they are informed from the moment their food is prepared until it is ready for pickup.
Enhance Customer Experience:
Customers can simply refer to the display screen to see when their order number appears, reducing confusion and waiting time.
Streamline In-store Operations:
Intuitive guidance for services allows customers to navigate the ordering process without physically standing in line. This not only increases in-store productivity but also reduces operating costs associated with managing queues.
By implementing Q-Manager, fast food stores can optimize their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and create a more efficient and pleasant dining experience.
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