Video Wall

Beyond a Video Wall
The World’s
0.44mm Even Bezel
Video Wall
* As of November 2018
Groundbreaking 0.44mm Even Bezel
A Step Closer to
Zero Bezel,
A Leap Closer to
the Original
LG 55SVH7E’s razor-thin bezel provides a seamless viewing experience that is true to the original image. The bezel is so thin that it is virtually invisible, making the whole installation appear as one large screen.
  • 0.44mm Even Bezel Almost as fine as the line drawn by a 0.4mm ballpoint pen.
  • 0.88mm Bezel To Bezel Almost as thin as a credit card(0.8mm)
Enhanced 91% Uniformity
Brighten Every Corner
of the Screen
No corners or edges are lost in the viewing experience with LG 55SVH7E’s enhanced uniformity. Every inch of the entire screen is utilized to deliver vivid and consistent colors resulting in a more intense and immersive viewing.
  • Low Uniformity Bezel boundaries have a tendency to appear dark.
  • 91% Uniformity | LG 55SVH7E Delivers uniform vivid colors throughout the screen.
Higher and Clearer 60° Viewing Angle
Captivating Image
to the Top of
the Screen
Even if the screen is positioned higher than the human-eye level, the superior viewing angle of LG 55SVH7E allows the viewers to enjoy crisp images and vivid colors throughout the screen without any distortion.
  • Low Viewing Angle Insufficiently bright to attract viewers.
  • 60° High Viewing Angle | LG 55SVH7E Excellent image quality even at the top of the screen.
Optimal Industry Solutions
The 0.44mm Video Wall will penetrate the markets which
traditional Video Walls have not been able to access.
  • The displays in board rooms need to be able to accurately deliver a variety of content to enable video conferencing and aid senior executives in decision-making. The 0.44mm Video Wall meets these requirements - adding a sophisticated touch to the interior ambiance.
  • Each monitoring screen of a larger control panel needs to clearly classify each object by zone, while at the same time enlarging it to display a seamless 4K high-definition content when required. This capability will work superbly with the 0.44mm Video Wall.
  • Broadcasting stations typically utilize LED and DLP instead of Visible Bezels because of the specific requirements of cameras. The 0.44mm Video Wall - which minimizes the visibility of the bezel - opens up a grand opportunity to break the dominance of existing video technology in the broadcasting market.
  • The 0.44mm Video Wall in convention halls and auditoriums play an important role in transmitting events such as wedding ceremonies to attendees. The differentiated visual experience that the 0.44mm Video Wall provides is sure to attract more visitors to the venue.
  • It is critical for retail shops to provide customers with the best display they can. By minimizing the bezel interference while retaining high quality content, the 0.44mm Video Wall dazzles customers and helps retail shops drive traffic and sales.

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