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LED Signage LSCB, front view with inscreen
LED Signage LSCB, front view
LED Signage LSCB, right 90 degree side view
LED Signage LSCB, left 90 degree rear view
LED Signage LSCB, left 45 degree rear view
LED Signage LSCB, right 45 degree rear view
LED Signage LSCB, rear view


LG Indoor LED

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Key Feature

  • Pixel Pitch: 1.56mm
  • Brightness: 800cd/m²
  • Ultra Slim Depth
  • EMC Class B, BS 476 Part7 Class 1

The depth of the LSCB cabinet is comparable to the diameter of a table tennis ball, showing its similar depth.

Ultra Slim Depth

Its ultra-slim design with 40.8mm edge thickness is the biggest advantage of the product. This feature enables the LSCB series to be installed in a variety of venues, as its thinness helps it to harmonize with its surroundings.
The cabinet is easily detached from the screen.

Easy & Seamless Installation

The LSCB series can be easily installed and managed from the front side for easy operation. Thanks to this feature, no additional space for maintenance behind the product is required. Its LED modules can also be simply attached or detached with a suction tool.
16:9 FHD/UHD Configuration

16:9 FHD/UHD Configuration

Each cabinet uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, the same most commonly used in displays for FHD and UHD content.
This allows you to keep using existing content without additional cost and time for editing.
90° Corner Design Available

90° Corner Design Available

If you add 90° corner option, the LSCB series fits naturally into the space and delivers smooth content to customers.
EMC Class B Certified & Fire Resistant Design

EMC Class B Certified & Fire Resistant Design

The LSCB series is safe from electromagnetic waves, which are harmful to the environment and human body, with EMC Class B certification and is designed with fire protection certification to prevent the fast spread of flames even if it catches on fire.
Compatibility with LG Software Solutions Compatibility with LG Software Solutions

Compatibility with LG Software Solutions

When connected with LG's CVCA system controller, the LSCB series is compatible with LG software solutions including SuperSign CMS, LED Assistant, and ConnectedCare, which help customers operate their own business deftly.

* The availability of the 'LG ConnectedCare' service differs by region, and it needs to be purchased separately. So please contact the LG sales representative in your region for more details.
* The items that can be monitored by LG ConnectedCare : Main Board (Temp., Signal Status, FPGA Ver, Ethernet Connection Status), Receiving Card (Temp., LED Power)
Both walls of the indoor hallway are curved, and LEDs are installed along the entire wall. Both walls of the indoor hallway are curved, and LEDs are installed along the entire wall.

Flexible Curve LED Display

The LSCB-CKF, a specially-designed flexible curved LED display, supports true concave and convex curvatures up to 383 mm. This greatly enhances the design’s flexibility, which allows users to freely create the curved screen as they want.

* Applied to the LSCB15-CKF, LSCB18-CKF, and LSCB25-CKF models only. The LSCB12-CKF supports curvatures of up to 1,720 mm.

Tech Spec

  • Physical Parameter

    Physical Parameter spec
    Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.563
    Pixel Configuration 3 in 1
    Module Resolution (W x H) 192 × 108
    Module Dimensions (W x H, mm) 300 × 168.75
    Weight per Module (kg) 0.34
    Cabinet Resolution (W × H) 384x216 (-RK) / 192x216 (-CK, -CKF)
    Cabinet Dimensions (W × H × D, mm) 600x337.5x34 (-RK, -CK)
    300x337.5x58 (-CKF, Cabinet Mounting depth changs for different curve)
    No. of Modules per Cabinet (W × H) 2x2 (-RK) / 1x2 (-CK,-CKF)
    Cabinet Surface Area (m²) 0.203 (-RK) / 0.101 (-CK, -CKF)
    Weight per Cabinet (kg/cabinet) 5.3 (-RK ) / 2.77 (-CK)
    2.6 (-CKF, Weight Changes for Different Curves)
    Weight per Square Meter (kg/m²) 26.2 (-RK) / 27.36 (-CK) / 25.19 (-CKF)
    Physical Pixel Density (pixels/m²) 409,600
    Flatness of Cabinet ± 0.1 mm
    Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
    Service Access Front
  • Optical Parameter

    Optical Parameter spec
    Max. Brightness (After Calibration) 800
    Color Temperature 3,200-9,300 (K)
    Visual Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 160 × 160
    Brightness Uniformity 97 %
    Color Uniformity ± 0.003 Cx,Cy
    Contrast Ratio 5,000:1
    Processing Depth (bit) 16 (HDR10, HDR10 Pro)
  • Electrical Parameter

    Electrical Parameter spec
    Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Max.) 150 (-RK) / 75 (-CK, -CKF)
    Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Avg.) 50 (-RK) / 25 (-CK, CKF)
    Power Consumption (W/m², Max.) 740
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/Cabinet, Max.) 512 (-RK) / 256 (-CK, -CKF)
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/Cabinet, Avg.) 171 (-RK) / 85 (-CK, -CKF)
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/㎡, Max.) 2,528
    Power Supply (V) 100 to 240
    Frame Rate (Hz) 50 / 60
    Refresh Rate (Hz) 3,840
  • Operation Conditions

    Operation Conditions spec
    Lifetime (Hours to Half Brightness) 100,000
    Operating Temperature (°C) -10 °C to +45 °C
    Operating Humidity 0~80%RH
    IP rating Front / Rear IP30 / IP30
  • Controller

    Controller spec
    Controller CVCA, LCIN006, LCIN008 (4K)
  • 90 Degree Corner Cut

    90 Degree Corner Cut spec
    90 Degree Corner Cut Yes

To download product manuals, please visit the Manual Download Page (Click).

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Product design, features and specifications are subject to change without notice and may also differ based on your region of purchase.
Screen images are simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.
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