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LG Information Display is a global business partner
with its advanced technology and end-to-end services.

LG Electronics has already spearheaded in the fields of electronics, communication equipment and home appliances. In the digital signage field, which has been developed since 2012, we have strengthened our leading position in providing the most innovative products in the world.

Digital signage solutions are designed with a focus on a deep understanding of industries, and customer convenience. Integrated solutions ranging from content management, service to maintenance are delivered.


LG has built a strong global network through manufacturing plants and sales branches located in 128 nations, R&D facilities in about 200 countries and service networks. We have devoted ourselves to improving the lives and businesses of our customers around the world.

LG Electronics, your best and reliable business partner.

LG's Innovative Technology

Introducing Technology & Solutions for the LG Information Display.



Slim and Light Design

OLED delivers dark and deep black, and thereby produces more sharp, accurate and reliable colors and is not distorted by angles. It also boasts a clear picture quality regardless of the speed of video playback. Most of all, with its flexible panels, OLED has no limitation on space and product design. View Detail


Leading-edge Panel Technology

IPS has a wide viewing angle of 178° that does not distort view at any angle and has real-life color accuracy designed to reproduce and maintain the color temperature. Furthermore, it is stable against external shocks, thereby being used for liquid crystal display of smartphones which have become a necessity in recent years. View Detail

Case Studies

Through industry-specific case stories, find products and solutions that fit for your business.


World Dream from Dream Cruises


Digipolis Fire Department, Belgium
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e-Mobi Showroom, Hungary
612x344 1560407597081_17254


Mercedes Benz flagship store, Hungary
612x344 1557368276822_44728


Sydbank, Denmark
612x344 1563497587719_51528


Sheremetyevo International Airport

World Dream from Dream Cruises

Dream Cruises, a division of Genting Cruise Lines, is Asia’s premier luxury cruise line, offering passengers five-star accommodation, dining, and entertainment as they sail across the sea. Before layi

Digipolis Fire Department, Belgium

Antwerp Fire and Rescue Service in Belgium needed an alarm system that can visualise the type of emergency as well as provides a stable and reliable content. With our partner Centomedia’s solution bui

e-Mobi Showroom, Hungary

The e-Mobi Showroom, established by the Hungarian government to spur the development of electromobility, faced a challenge for this year’s showroom. They only had eight weeks for the delivery and inst

Mercedes Benz flagship store, Hungary

Mercedes Benz wanted to create an impressive shopping experience at their first European flagship store in the Budapest suburb of Budaörs. In addition to physically showcasing their cars, Mercedes Ben

Sydbank, Denmark

Sydbank, one of Denmark’s largest full-service banks, wanted to present customised content in a seamless and elegant way. To keep viewers interested, they wanted to be able to change this content easi

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) in Moscow, one of Europe's best airports, underwent a massive modernization project ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Key to this project was the construction
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