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Press Release

Interactive Digital Boards are Revolutionising Conference Rooms and Classrooms

2019.08.22Hits 1738

LG customises touch-responsive technology for enterprise and educational needs

LG’s newly released interactive digital boards are specifically crafted for use in education and enterprise. Both environments have unique needs that can be answered by specifically tailored interactive boards. The corporate and educational product line-ups were designed by combining popular features like Ultra High Definition (UHD) and IPS (In-Plane Switching) with interactive tools devised for their target users.

Making meetings more collaborative

There is a trend in many sectors towards creative problem-solving, even traditional ones like logistics, energy or financial management. This type of problem-solving calls for in-person collaboration. At the same time, people are working more frequently with partners in different countries and working on more flexible in-office schedules. Frequently, all the necessary stakeholders may not be in the same office at all times. LG’s premiere collaborative meeting room solution, TN3F, solves this problem by making it easy to collaborate across the world in real time.

The TN3F takes advantage of the responsiveness of In-Cell touch technology, the same technology that makes smartphones light and reactive. Unlike traditional touch technology, which has an air gap between the glass and sensor, In-Cell integrates the sensor, protective glass and LCD. The benefits are especially obvious when using the Active Pen. User handwriting is perfectly reproduced onscreen and the pressure sensitivity even modulates the thickness of a pen stroke. It also has an easy toggle to highlight or erase. With the data-mirroring capability of the meeting system, two people can even write on their boards in different locations, allowing far-flung collaborators to mark up projects as if they were in the same room.

The IDB DUO app addresses common meeting pain points. The user interface is intuitive and streamlined, so starting a meeting is as easy as a couple taps on the screen. File sharing and screen sharing are all folded in, so everything is easily run from one place. Users can save meeting materials through the dashboard and even share them with participants. With the IDB DUO app, users can send the files to smartphones or computers. Users can also email participants or save to USB directly from the display. The new TN3F is entirely self-contained, with the webOS platform and IDB DUO app functioning as a part of SoCs.

Education 3.0

The last few years have seen the rapid evolution of educational techniques to a multidirectional, interactive teaching model. The EU alone has invested in three large-scale initiatives centred around interactive learning, the ET2020, the IETC and Erasmusplus. LG developed the TR3BF line to help. Students throughout the classroom have a clear view, thanks to UHD’s sharp image and the 178° viewing angle of IPS. Up to 30 students can connect, share screens and interact through a shared network or the ScreenShare Pro app. The board has 20 points of multitouch, 10 points of writing and 2 styluses with dual simultaneous colours. That means students can learn material by working together. The web browser function lets the lesson overflow into anywhere the students’ curiosity may lead them. Teachers may also appreciate the annotation and palm-erasing functionalities, which take the chalkboard feel into the 21st century.

LG’s new interactive digital boards empower collaboration and interactivity for both educational and corporate environments.