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Press Release

LG Transparent OLED is a Huge Step into The Future of Display

2019.05.21Hits 2922

Transparent OLED combines rich images andsuch transparency that even text behind the screen is easy to read

Transparent OLED (T-OLED) is now the most valuable tool in the display arsenal. The self-lighting OLED technology makes the screens four times more transparent than their nearest rival.It maintains the infinite contrast and perfect colours of OLED technology for a stunning image overlay. LG Transparent OLED is unique in its transparency, colours, appearance and content possibilities.

Unprecedented transparency

Transparent OLED offers 38% transparency, whereas the highest transparency that’s been achieved with LCD is 10%. When viewed head-on, objects behind the screen integrate with the content. Front-facing UV protection makes the display ideal for store windows that catch the attention of passers-by. The wide viewing angle means viewers can see content clearly as they approach the screen from either side. When viewers stand directly in front of the display, images and video seamlessly overlay the objects behind the screen.

The effect of transparent black

Unlike other transparent displays, T-OLED uses black, not white, as the transparent colour. Picture an image of a cityscape at night. On T-OLED, the black night above and around the buildings is see-through. The edge of the screen is barely noticeable when content has a black background. Not only does a black background blend easily into its surroundings but light colours like gold and silver look amazing and draw the eye.

Installation possibilities

The T-OLED was designed to look good when installed and to make that installation easy. The display is less than 14kg and comes in two different models: Open Frame and Standalone. The Open Frame is designed to look like a 55” pane of glass, either installed by itself or tiled into a2 x N video wall. The controls can be hidden up to 1.6 metres away. The Standalone is a single display with the controls integrated into its stand.

Content possibilities

The most exciting thing in this new level of transparency is the myriad of futuristic content possibilities. When the T-OLED is used to overlay titles or text on objects or scenes behind the screen, it can feel like real-life augmented reality. The high-contrast resolution creates an immersive appearance. Combine that with artfully placed objects behind the display and it becomes content you think you can touch. The uses abound, from stores that overlay products with a luxury setting to virtual windows for aerospace companies.

The Transparent OLED combines the dynamic images of OLED technology with sleek design and 38% transparency. The uses are limitless.