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Press Release

New Seamless LED Display Replaces Conference Room Clutter

2019.10.04Hits 3075

A single solution offers high-quality audio, display and videoconferencing

Videoconferencing and presentations will now be more user-friendly to run thanks to the new LG 130” All-in-one LED display. The new display, known as the LAAF, is the solution to the modern challenge of multiple conferencing devices that are connected by webs of cabling and require an expert for set-up and use. The LAAF offers a sleek appearance, unparalleled meeting experience and easy use.

Elegant impression

The LAAF was designed to dazzle. The large screen looks lustrous and modern in its thin frame. Its multiple mounting options ensure it harmonises with any décor. The onscreen image is even more entrancing. The HDR10 picture is unmarred by bezels, allowing viewers to focus solely on what’s being displayed, whether it’s a PowerPoint or a videoconference.

High-calibre AV

In fact, the whole meeting experience offered by the LAAF is immersive. The picture quality is enhanced by vivid colours. Thanks to the wide viewing angle, it is equally impactful for viewers all over the room. The LAAF doesn’t need additional speakers for dynamic audio, either. The display’s embedded surface sound system uses the entire screen to produce up to 162W, with 4.5W capability at 36 separate points. Enveloping sound and wide-angle viewing mean that participants can engage with the material, even in the largest and most crowded rooms.

Enhanced connectivity

The LAAF has multiple features that facilitate seamless long-distance collaboration. The displays can be used for videoconferencing, screen-sharing or presentations. It can even host multiple data streams simultaneously. Of course, these functionalities depend on the installation and platform or conferencing partner, which is why LG engineered the LAAF to work with most AV systems. It was certified Creston Connected to mark its compatibility.


Usability and effortless maintenance

Convenience is important for a conference room display. It doesn’t matter how fabulous the functionalities are if employees can’t use them without calling the IT department. That’s why LG developed an easy-to-use UI, especially for the menu. Switching sources, the bane of many a side-tracked meeting, was also made highly intuitive. For added convenience, the display is set to automatically power on when it receives a video signal. The LAAF is easy to manage as well, with front accessibility for installation and maintenance. LG SuperSign CMS and Signage 365Care make it easy for busy customers to keep their displays running at their peak.

The innovative features of the LAAF are already garnering attention; the LAAF received the iF Design Excellence Award and a Red Dot Design Award.