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Press Release

LG Pro:Centric Direct Brings Revolutionary New Features to Hotel Management

2019.06.20Hits 3110

The remote management platform offers unique room controls focused on the TV

LG released a new version of their reliable hotel TV management platform, Pro:Centric Direct 3.0. This iteration builds on the successful features of the past while introducing revolutionary new features to propel hotel management into the future. The system has long been used by hoteliers to simplify communications with their guests. The platform is based around the hotel TV, using remote management to offer guests customised information and the ability to communicate with the front desk through their hotel TVs. Pro:Centric Direct 3.0 takes all of this to the next level.

Internet of Things

As guests become accustomed to using the IoT devices in their own homes, many hotels find themselves scrambling to catch up. LG Pro:Centric Direct 3.0 simplifies the process by allowing guests to control their lights, curtains and even their locks through their hotel TV. Pro:Centric Direct 3.0 uses the popular Zigbee protocol to integrate IoT devices into the TV system. This means hotel managers can remotely configure and deploy IoT settings by room or room block. No other hotel management system is offering an in-house IoT solution. With Pro:Centric Direct 3.0, hoteliers don’t have to wrestle with integrating third-party solutions. The TV, management platform and IoT integration are all part of one easily installed solution.

Voice command

Many guests settle in at home with commands to Siri, Alexa or Cortana. Pro:Centric Direct 3.0 allows hotelier to offer their guests the same convenience. It comes with an embedded voice command system that allows guests to control the TV and IoT devices with their words. No more will guests have to find the remote to turn off the TV as they drift to sleep. When they wake up, they can tell the TV to show them the day’s weather or nearby attractions and it will comply. Best of all, it is locally loaded, meaning everything happens in the TV without access to the cloud. Data is secure and the system is compliant with European privacy laws.

Wifi for guests and hoteliers

Pro:Centric Direct 3.0 offers SoftAP functionality to simplify the complicated but necessary business of providing wifi to guests rooms.The SoftAP feature allows webOS TVs to broadcast a wifi network. Existing networks in public areas can now deploy bridging mode, which gives additional coverage in guest rooms without additional investment on in-room access points. No repeaters are needed to provide separate VLANs, offering extra security for both hotel and guests through networks isolated per room. Through Pro:Centric Direct 3.0, hoteliers can remotely change the password or name, turn the network on or off, and assess the strength of the channel. They can also do this through the access controller of various HSIA hardware providers.

Upgrading popular features

In rolling out these innovative new capabilities, LG has not neglected the features that made Pro:Centric Direct popular to begin with. It still has the same reliable remote management and personalisation. Full HD templates are now embedded, so the entire interface is in full HD.

LG Pro:Centric Direct took a popular platform and gave it capacities no other solution can offer. It is the most stable, flexible and cost-efficient solution available for hoteliers on both RF and IP infrastructures. It looks to be setting hotel management trends for years to come.