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Press Release

LG Announces The Evolution of Its Market-Leading OLED Video Wall

2018.12.19Hits 2001

EV5E offers the rich colours of OLED on a slim display with a narrow seam

The new LG 66-inch EV5E video wall breaks new ground in impeccable design and user-friendliness. The combination of a thin seam and bezel with rich OLED images makes a stunning display. Its lighter weight, reduced seam and updated webOS platform make the EV5E video wall simple to install and run.

The EV5E is designed to display a nearly seamless image. Overlapped units have only 6.7mm between them and maintain the narrow OLED bezel LG pioneered. No other video wall combines the infinite contrast of OLED with an image so unmarred by the intersection of screens. Viewers will be captivated by the video wall’s hyper-realistic picture across wide viewing angles.

Users will find the EV5E significantly easier to use. Installation is not only flexible, but it’s also made significantly easier by the display’s lighter weight. Compared to previous iterations, each tile is remarkably lighter. In addition, the tiles can be arranged horizontally in an unlimited 1xN configuration.

The EV5E also features a new iteration of the open source webOS platform. WebOS3.0+ allows a perfect installation and unit management with SuperSign Control or SuperSign Control+. The content management is also easy to manage thanks to the internal player. Users will be able to use SuperSign CMS to feed the content through the network or they will be able to use third party editors. The EV5E includes the Video Light Compensation (VLC) Function, which guarantees a perfect picture quality and uniformity on the light, contrast and colours.

The OLED video wall offered by LG is already unique in a marketplace saturated with LCDs. Its self-lighting technology offers a colour contrast backlit screens simply cannot match and the slenderness only OLED displays can achieve. The new EV5E video wall combines the best features of OLED with narrow seams and easy management to ensure an impressive viewing experience.