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Press Release

LG Introduces Flexible Curved Open Frame OLED

2018.11.15Hits 1671

With flexible OLED signage, the only limit to installations is the imagination

Visitors to CES, ISE and IFA were wowed by the OLED Canyon, a 92’ installation of LG’s towering OLED Open Frame displays bent into the waves of a natural rock canyon. The stunning Flexible Curved OLED Open Frame is now available to businesses. Unlike previous generations of fixed curved displays, these are easily customised to their surroundings. Their capacity to hold an unusual shape is a designer’s dream. Artists have already begun exploring the infinite creative possibilities: aspirational beachwear pictures on a screen shaped like waves; a tunnel of images that envelopes viewers with information; or a horseshoe panorama that makes a landscape all-encompassing. In addition to the design possibilities, the adaptable curve of the display has some practical advantages. It can be an excellent fit for limited floor space; in fact, the panel’s shorter possible radius allows installation on smaller pillars than ever before. Its lower weight makes installation easier and faster, which is especially helpful for rentals and events.

A reusable curve
Most importantly, these displays can be adapted to changing needs. Their reusability is perhaps their most revolutionary aspect. Not only can users set the curvature of the panel, but they can also change it for the next installation. The same display can be adapted to a wide variety of designs, rather than forcing designers to plan around existing materials or relegating displays to a single use. With the optional Curvature Calibrator, displays can be adapted rapidly on-site to convex or concave curvatures. Whether it’s adapting to a different space or a different vision, the ability to set the curve on-site makes it easier to build an eye-catching landmark.

Picture quality
The OLED Open Frame is exceptional because of its limitless contrast and the deepest blacks, the accurate and stable colour reproduction, and the wide viewing angle. Since OLED is a self-lighting technology, there are no backlit units. When the pixel is off, there is no parasitic light in the background. The area is totally black, which prevents light bleed and creates infinite contrasts. The rich black and sharp contrast of LG OLED creates vivid colours and incomparable picture quality. With a fast response time, the OLED screen can present content without delay, improving viewer experience.

“After the big events, we received many positive reactions about our Flexible Curved OLED Open Frame. Its quality and impact impressed many visitors,” enthused João Moreira, European Digital Signage Pre-sales Manager. “We are starting installation on some projects in Europe now. This product is innovative because of the possibilities of its adaptable curve and the value that comes with reusability.”