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LG Offers Interactive Healthcare TV with Multi Touch Function

2018.08.27Hits 457 share

LG Arm TV perfects patient care and is now available in Europe

Nowadays, we all live with a TV, phone or tablet nearby. In healthcare, it’s become even more important to offer patients the right care tools. That’s why LG is introducing its first Multi Touch Arm TV, for a hospital experience that’s better and safer.

LG designed the new Pro:Centric Smart TV with a screen size of only 15.6”, so it can be mounted on a VESA supported arm. It’s easy to move the TV to the most comfortable position for the patient. Doctors can use the Arm TV for consultations, for example, patients can see scans and ultrasounds without being removed from the comfort of their hospital beds. Patients can use the Multi Touch option to easily enjoy interactive service and entertainment, such as video on demand and premium channels, as well as hospital information.The ArmTV’s IPS technology provides impressive picture quality, even from wide viewing angles. It’s durable enough to withstand heavy use and has a wide range of safety benefits, including antimicrobial material, cleaning protection glass and rounded corners. All these features make the Arm TV a perfect fit for any institution that wants to optimise its patient care.