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LG Offers Interactive Hospitality Solution with Customisable Content

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Pro:Centric Direct and PCS400R server create a personalised experience for guests and optimise workflow for hoteliers 



Hotel TV content management systems are very important for hoteliers, but the disadvantage of most systems is that they can be difficult to use and can only be managed by IT-savvy hotel staff. To meet hoteliers’ needs, LG offers the Pro:Centric Direct Solution. Both hoteliers and guests can benefit from an easy-to-use tool that they can customise to their own needs. When paired with the PCS400R server, Pro:Centric Direct can be easily implemented into the hotel and transform the hotel TV into an interactive tool that allows guests to communicate with the hotelier, and vice versa. 

LG offers three Hospitality Content Management Solutions: Pro:Centric Smart, Pro:Centric Value and Pro:Centric Direct. Pro:Centric Direct makes it easy to design the hotel TV User Interface (UI), in addition to providing various services such as IP-network-based remote management. Pro:Centric Direct comes with intuitive and stylish templates, and also offers simple tools for editing your own templates. This way, hoteliers can fully customise and tailor their content to suit their guests’ needs. From welcome pages to billboards, hoteliers can edit images, text and links displayed on the TV.

Another distinctive feature is remote management, which allows hoteliers to configure channels for a room according to the purpose of the guest’s visit. A family visiting a hotel will have different needs than a business person in town for a conference. Hoteliers can manage the channels by grade and by group, so guests receive more personalised content on their hotel TV. For example, a family with small children would see features for the latest childrens’ films or about the childcare that is offered in the hotel. Hoteliers can also manage the configuration remotely, including installing and updating software.

Boasting performance with PCS400R server
LG’s latest offering to the hospitality industry is the PCS400R server. This content management server enables hoteliers to implement Pro:Centric Direct regardless of whether they are using an Internet Protocol (IP) or Radio Frequency (RF) infrastructure. The combination of the Pro:Centric Direct and the PCS400R allows hoteliers to communicate directly with their guests, and for guests to contact the hotel staff. The interactive solution allows guests to order room service, check out, or even ask for more towels via the hotel TV. Hoteliers can also send messages to guests via the server. The messages can be personalised to include the guest’s name, share the latest promotions, or communicate breakfast options.