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Press Release

LG Releases Video Wall with The World’s Slimmest Bezel

2018.12.19Hits 1497

The 55SVH7E video wall presents strikingly lifelike images with nearly invisible panel junctions

The 55SVH7E video wall has a uniform and seamless display, even with fast-moving content like sports. The slim bezel combines with a uniform white balance to make the intersections of panels almost disappear. The module scanning method has been tweaked so even the fastest-moving ball moves across panels without an image gap. These adjustments join with IPS to ensure the picture is clear not only to viewers on the extreme left or right but far below as well.

The world’s first 0.44mm bezel means the line of the screen edge is so thin it could be drawn with a ballpoint pen. In other words, the line where two screens meet is about as thin as a credit card. The seam is made more invisible by the uniform white balance. Unlike conventional video walls, which get darker near edges of each panel, the 55SVH7E offers even colour across the image. Both the white balance and colour temperatures can be adjusted in any mode, a step up from previous iterations that allowed only in “full-white mode” adjustments.

Fast-moving content can now load flawlessly across multiple panels due to the new module scanning innovation. While other video walls load the image from the same point on each screen, this breakthrough alters scanning direction to ensure even the fastest moving object is displayed clearly from one panel to the next. Content is also easy to load thanks to its built-in SoC and webOS smart signage platform. It’s even possible to animate or add content while playing simultaneous videos via web apps or real-time streaming.

These changes combine with the IPS technology LG pioneered to ensure a clear image regardless of the viewer’s position. The narrow bezel and enhanced white uniformity ensure that even a viewer standing below the video wall will see a picture unmarred by lines or shadows. Viewers standing on either side will see as clearly as those standing front and centre.

The enhanced viewing angle and seamless picture of the 55SVH7E video wall make it perfect for anything from a boardroom to a news studio to a retail environment to an event space. Any business in need of lifelike images has finally found its solution.