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Press Release

New OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV Builds On Impressive Debut

2019.10.31Hits 3014

The new series from LG improves on the popular previous model with a sleeker look and expanded hospitality capabilities

The WT980H follows the success of its OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV predecessor by improving on the features that made it so popular. Its new cordless appearance combines with the vividness of OLED to amaze guests. The current iterations of Pro:Centric Smart and Pro:Centric Direct allow hoteliers to customise guest experience like never before. Most importantly, the evolved IoT capabilities allow hoteliers to offer an experience that is truly a home away from home, even for the most avid tech user. In short, the new OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV from LG impresses with its appearance, image, management and IoT capabilities.

Startling cordless appearance

The paper-thin screen seems to float on the wall like an extravagant work of art, even when it’s turned off. The AIO box is built to be mounted behind a false wall or tucked away, leaving the look unmarred by cords or a stand. The screen has no bezel, so the picture appears uninterrupted across the entire glass. The image itself enhances its setting. The vivid colours and true black of OLED’s self-light technology make content immersive. LG 4K Cinema HDR transforms watching a movie in a hotel room to a cinematic experience. It works with Dolby Vision and HDR10 for maximum compatibility.

The Pro:Centric Advantage

LG continues to evolve its innovative Pro:Centric platform to meet the evolving needs of hoteliers with new capabilities. The WT980H shows off this advantage with both Pro:Centric Smart and Pro:Centric Direct. Pro:Centric Smart makes it easy to offer customised services. With its sophisticated design and advanced connectivity functions, it allows hotels to offer guests a new level of convenience. Pro:Centric Direct makes content management simple with easy-to-use editing tools and advanced remote management. Hoteliers can customise content or user interface per room or per block.

New IoT Capabilities

LG builds on its market-leading IoT tools to offer hoteliers a new way to connect guests with their room and build brand loyalty. The displays use LG webOS and Pro:Centric Direct to implement voice recognition. Hoteliers can offer their guests voice control of the entire room by linking the devices through the Hotel TV. Soft AP can also turn the TV into a wireless hotspot. Bridge mode, in turn, allows managers to control the multiple linked devices through their centralised network management system. Soft AP can also turn the TV into a wireless hotspot.

The new OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV from LG impresses guests with its appearance, image and customised content. Hoteliers, meanwhile, will find the displays an easy-to-use tool for a unique guest experience.