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Press Release

The New Generation of LG Outdoor Display is Weatherproof and Hassleproof

2019.07.25Hits 1995

55XE4F is slimmer, lighter and brighter than its competition

The new outdoor display from LG uses cutting-edge design to make it easier to install, maintain and view. The 55XE4F meets the challenges specific to outdoor displays while maintaining the clear picture and usability that is the bedrock of LG digital signage.

Slim design and easy customisation

The most obvious improvement to previous generations is the slender and stylish form. Whether in portrait or in landscape, the thinly framed screens are attention-getters. They’re easily customisable for various types of installation, with several mounting configurations to answer different customer needs. The displays can be hung, mounted in tiles or use a single stand.

Outstanding visibility

LG tackled all of the challenges to outdoor visibility with this display. Its 4,000 nit brightness makes pictures stand out on even the sunniest day. On cloudy ones, the auto-brightness feature ensures the screen is eye-catching but not blinding. QWP technology makes the image clear to viewers wearing polarised sunglasses while people can see it from all angles thanks to IPS technology.

Reliable for outdoor usage

The 55XE4F was made for durability. It’s designed to be not only waterproof but also weatherproof. It can operate in temperatures from -30 to 50 degrees, giving owners year-round peace of mind. It’s protected from the smallest threats like dirt and dust by a conformal coating and large impact threats by IK10 certified protective glass. This generation of XE4F even has more LED units, which allow it to operate brighter at lower temperatures, and prolong its lifespan.

Like all LG digital signage, the 55XE4F comes with easy data control and maintenance. The user-friendly web monitoring system allows for real-time adjustment and fixes, even from a mobile phone. With so many advantages and such durability, the display will be making an impression for a long time to come.