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Press Release

The New Lightweight and Flexible LED Display from LG is as Easy to Use as It is Impressive to See

2019.02.27Hits 2261

The LAPE LED Display series offers incredible colour, shape and reliability

The LAPE LED Display series is the latest achievement in LG’s quest to offer the perfect fit for any business in need of an informational display. It combines flexibility and user control with a sleek look and impressive picture. The LAPE series is a stylish upgrade for any user, from broadcast studios, airports and control rooms to corporate headquarters and flagship stores. Every type of user will find their lives made easier by the display’s versatility in design and the support LG can offer.

Design possibilities

There LAPE LED Display offers a wide range of design possibilities through innovations in curve, depth, weight and power supply. The modules can create a concave or convex curve with up to a 1000mm radius, allowing screens to wrap around architecture or be styled into interesting shapes. A slim depth allows for both flexibility of placement and a sleek look; the full install depth is only 40mm. The reduced weight of 19.8kg per square meter allows for more varied installation, as does the off-board power system. The installation can be up to 60m away from the power supply units, decreasing the heat produced by the display. This increases reliability and reduces ventilation requirements.

Reliable management

The entire system is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The frames create a simple but durable support structure. The off-board controls use redundancies in data and power to improve reliability. They also make the displays much easier to service. Most importantly, the displays can be managed by LG Signage 365 Care, which uses remote performance monitoring to maximise reliability. The dashboard shows the real-time condition of the display and the status of each system component and is visible to the Signage 365 Care centre, so any issues are addressed quickly and effectively.

Quality picture

The content itself is shown to its best advantage. LAPE displays come in 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 mm pixel pitch and can be built to FHD or UHD, which means that content from a variety of sources can be played without distortion. The fine pitch resolution ensures it looks good, especially as the colour will impress anyone accustomed to standard LED screens. 16-bit colour processing means that grayscale presents seamlessly, giving pictures greater depth. The Dynamic Contrast Algorithm that LG pioneered in its TVs makes blacks deeper and colours brighter.

The versatility of the LAPE LED Display series is matched only by its picture quality and reliability.