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Press Release

The New OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV from LG Redefines Luxury Suites

2019.01.17Hits 1872

The WU960H offers a cinematic experience on a display so slim it can be held up by magnets

The world’s first and best OLED wallpaper TV gets an upgrade for hoteliers with the WU960H. The sleek design of the ultra-thin display enhances any style of decor. Dolby Vision HDR10 and Dolby Atmos sound combine with the stunning contrast of OLED to create a movie theatre experience. The magic remote offers voice commands and privacy protections. Hoteliers will be impressed by the improved functionality of the webOS 4.0 and Pro:Centric platform, which allows per-room customisation on any cabling setup.

The WU960H OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV is designed for luxury suites. The display is completely flat and so slim it can be mounted on magnets -it even comes with a magnet frame. The flat cable connecting to the soundbar is easy to hide and makes the display appear to be floating. The slender and stylish soundbar contains the TV’s controls, alongside cutting-edge speakers. The new gallery mode allows hoteliers tochose a specific style of images to display or to upload their own videos or pictures. With a screen thickness ofless than 4mm, the WU960H can truly make any surface look like a gallery wall.

Guests get a unique viewing experience from the combination of OLED with Dolby tools. Dolby Vision HDR10 takes the true black and infinite contrast of OLED and creates a higher dynamic range. Images are clearer and colours pop in a way no other display can offer. Dolby Atmos uses the soundbar to create surround sound without a room full of speakers for a truly cinematic experience.

Guests access a full range of channels and services through the magic remote. A speaker button allows them to use it for voice commands. They can use the remote to access their personal viewing accounts or order room service. It’s even possible to upsell through the program. The system includes privacy protection, including deleting personal sign-ins after the stay.

The most noticeable change for hoteliers is the added functionality of webOS 4.0 and Pro:Centric Hotel Content Management. The improved internal chipset means running is faster, both in the background and when changing channels. The platform still works with familiar system integrators and all can develop their own customer pages. Pro:Centric Direct 2.0 allows for different groupings for hotels, rooms or selections of rooms. It can also group channels, selectively giving some channels to dedicated rooms or grouping channels for specific guest needs. It can also deliver guest messages to one, some or all rooms.

The WU960H has the superior colour of OLED, the weight and thickness of wallpaper and the functionality of an advanced hospitality tool. It will make hoteliers’ lives easier and guests’ experiences better.