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Press Release

The Newest LG OLED Hotel TV Combines a Cinematic Viewing Experience with a Razor-Thin Display

2018.11.30Hits 1036

EU961H series uses OLED quality and Pro:Centric hotel management to help hotels offer a luxurious guest experience

Many hotel guests expect a personalised and unique experience in a room that radiates quality. This expectation is exactly what makes the new EU961H series of LG OLED Hotel TV perfect for any hotel. The display's refined shape and vivid images are complemented by the customisable hospitality features of Pro:Centric Direct.

The EU961H series impresses at first view. Its glass-thin display and discrete stand will complement any stylish décor. The OLED’s self-lighting technology is famous for its black level and stellar contrast, so the displays boast brilliant colours and an incomparable picture quality. Unlike other display types, OLED does not rely on backlighting. Each individual pixel is its own light source and black is created by turning off that light. Black areas of a picture are totally black, which makes the other colours pop.

The addition of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos ensures guests a theatre-quality experience without leaving their room. Dolby Vision HDR shows films as the director envisioned them. Dolby Atmos provides a dynamic surround sound experience, even in a limited space. It’s not often that in-room entertainment can make guests feel so pampered.

The Pro:Centric Direct content management solution can further enhance the guest’s experience. Through this centralised management system, the hotel can remotely configure and update TVs on a unit-specific basis. This makes it possible to offer guests personalised information and services without extensive staff time or IT expertise. LG OLED Hotel TV with Pro:Centric Direct offers guests luxurious in-room entertainment and increased convenience for both guest and hotel management.