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Press Release

Ultra-Slim New Hotel TV Raises The Bar on State of The Art

2019.09.05Hits 1070

The new UHD series from LG combines the best features in hospitality and commercial TVs

The new UT782 series from LG Electronics gives hoteliers an easy-to-use tool that will impress guests with its appearance and features. This is an important advantage in an age where hotels must move quickly to outpace the commercially available electronics their guests have in their homes. The UT782 series offers upgrades to the most popular Hotel TV features with Ultra High Definition images and a sleek, slim design.

Stylish Appearance

The TV is generally prominently placed, so its appearance is important in creating a good first impression. The UT782 series has a form that looks high-tech and blends unobtrusively with any design scheme. The svelte displays are highlighted by a narrow black or silver frame with a white back cover. The vertical side jack facilitates discreet cabling, which can make the screen look like a work of art hanging on the wall. The 43” UHD display presents images that are impressive in scope and sharpness.

Guest Features

The next step in a decadent guest experience is customised features. The UT782 has combined and improved on the most popular features in hospitality. Guests are welcomed with a welcome video or screen with content that’s tailored by the hotel. Moreover, it’s enabled high-speed loading, which means content appears quickly; the personalised menu appears within seconds of the TV being turned on. When it does, quests will see services adjusted to their stay and can easily navigate the UT782’s new user-friendly Quick menu. Nothing is more frustrating than having to call the front desk to figure out how to use a TV. Navigation via voice command is also possible, allowing hoteliers to offer a convenience that guests are accustomed to in their daily lives.

Hospitality Tools

Hoteliers, meanwhile, will find their jobs made easier by a few different tools. EzManager makes it easy to integrate devices with the Pro:Centric TV solutions. ThePro:Centric offerings are themselves quite intuitive, as shown by their popularity across the sector. Pro:Centric SMART facilitates customised service offerings through IP or RF infrastructures. Meanwhile, Pro:Centric Direct makes content management easy with features such as remote management, IoT capabilities and Natural Language Processing voice control. Several additional network-oriented components make it easy to manage across the system. Quick manager allows for distribution through a network without an additional server or USB exporting. SoftAP uses software to create stand-alone wireless hotspots and its Bridge Mode even enables managers to combine an existing hotspots to enhance their coverage seamlessly.

The UT782 series is the slimmest UHD Hotel TV, thanks in part to the vertical side jack. It combines the features that have most helped hoteliers in a package that guests will find stylish and impressive, all while displaying Ultra High Definition picture quality.